Happy 1st Birthday Izzy!

I sit here wanting to write this amazing letter to my daughter on her first birthday, but I can’t think of what to write.  I want to hold on to this first year with Izzy.  She’s brought so much love and joy into our family.

She’s got such spunk and personality.

She’s letting go more and finding balance and confidence.  When she’s tired, she stands by herself and even takes a step or two before realizing that she doesn’t walk yet and drops down to crawl.

She’s strong and doesn’t take crap from the boys.  Jack grabbed a toy from her the other day and tried to run off.  She grabbed him around the ankles and held on, tripping him and retreived her toy!

She’s communicating more, mainly “Urse!” and trying to decrease the amount of time wasted with sleep.  She wins daddy’s heart with “dada” and “papa” quite frequently.  “Mama” is, of course, my favorite.  She signs “more,” but I think it means “I want …” to her.

She has NINE teeth, a molar snuck in on us!

She’s her papa’s girl.  They light up the room together, whether they’re dancing, cuddled up sleeping (like they are right now), or just playing.

She steals Jackson’s baby doll and holds it up to shoulder while rocking and patting it.

Today, she played with the boys around the train table and “helped” build with blocks.  She spent the afternoon on the patio watching the big kids play outside and helped me to decorate her cupcakes.  It was a good day with the promise of many, many more to come.

Happy Birthday Izzy!


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