We live in a 800-square-foot 2-bedroom apartment and we’ve just decided that we will continue calling our small sapce home for another year.

We’ve spent the past 3 months looking for a space similar to our apartment only with a fenced-in backyard, a driveway (I hate having to hunt for a parking space), and a wee bit of storage space for my husband’s work things.  We found a place that was perfect, but it didn’t work out.  I looked at another place yesterday and it met all of our criteria, yet we’re not moving.  I ache for that backyard for the kids, but packing and transplanting the kids only to move again in another year doesn’t seem worth it.  I went back and forth about wanting our space closer to the city (in the city, really) so a trip to an organic grocery store or to see friends and family wouldn’t have to be a well-planned all-day affair, to wanting a nice piece of land to disappear on, where we could grow and raise our own food.  We still want these things, but instead of settling for “almost,” we’ve decided to wait, plan, and save to get exactly what we want: our OWN home and land.

I must have called on at least 50 different listings for various rentals and gone through the converation many times.  “Yes, I know it’s only 2-bedrooms and I have 3 children.”  Most people didn’t understand how or why we would only want 2 bedrooms.  Honestly, I was right there with them a few years ago, but life has a funny way of teaching you what is really and truly important and having that big house full of “stuff” isn’t on our list anymore.

When we moved into this apartment a year and a half ago, I was newly pregnant with Izzy and we had just spent a year living with family.  We had been through tough times and our apartment represented a new beginning.  I think we’re still on that path and that’s where we need to be for a little bit longer.

Having a small space with young children means that you have to be picky about what is in your space.  It’s a constant de-cluttering and organizing project.  We only keep the toys that get played with, the clothes that get worn, the books that we reference frequently, etc.  Playspace is at a premium and so is a quiet space, which is why we fairly strictly enforce rules of the play-bedroom and the sleeping-bedroom.  There are no toys allowed in the master bedroom.  It is the quiet, relaxing space for reading a book, praying, sleeping, and just thinking.  The play-bedroom is the place to go to be loud and rumbunctious.  The family room is exactly what it sounds like, the place our family comes together.  We do circle time and school work in the living room.  We build forts together, read, play games, enjoy handwork and hobbies, and watch a family movie in this space.  Spaces need to be well defined for function so that everyone gets along and is happy.

I hope that by keeping our small space that we will continue to grow.


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