A Little Spring Update

Just wanted to post a little update on us.

James is preparing for his hiking trip to Hoosier National Forest with his best friend. He’s been planning it since November and is really looking forward to it.

We’ve been swamped with unexpected happenings. James car had some sort of valve blow and it needed repairing. Less than two weeks later, his brakes went out. So he got new brakes for his car and I got two new tires for my car (I think our mechanic would have let me load up the kids and drive away knowing the condition of the old ones.) Then the laptop stopped working. After running diagnostics, James discovered the hard drive was fried, so we went shopping. Fun stuff!

I’ve been taking the kids out at every opportunity. As it turns out, there are 3-4 other families in our building with toddlers and preschoolers. We’ve been meeting by chance every afternoon while the kids ride bikes and play.

We’ve been spending the weekends outdoors as well. We’ve enjoyed local playgrounds, hiking at state parks, outdoor festivals and Conner Prairie over the past couple of weeks.

Alex is finishing up Peter Pan and is thoroughly enjoying the story. We’ll likely start Dr. Dolittle in another week or two. He’s definitely going through the seven-year-change.

Jackson has been a joy lately. I love listening to him talk and tell me about his favorite parts of his day. He loves to cuddle up with us for a story. He begs to go outside from the moment he gets out of bed. Oh, how the boys have taken to riding their bikes and racing each other! He plays hard, eats well, and has been sleeping fairly well too.

Izzy has conquered the skills of walking and climbing and is working on dancing and running. You should see her dancing with her papa! She adores ring-around-the-rosie, which we do everyday as part of circle time with the boys. She’s working on getting her top canine teeth in to make a total of 12 teeth (8 on top and 4 on bottom)! She repeats “mneeechkkkk” several times a day and we have no idea what it means.

I’ve been up to the usual organizing and de-cluttering around here. I’ve learned it’s a never-ending process. I’m also working hard to finish knitting a pair of boot socks for James in time for his trip. I have many more knitting projects in the works and just need to find the time to work on them.

Izzy has finally succumbed to sleep and the boys are read for some mama reading time.


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