Sick and Celebrating

Izzy and Jack are sick AGAIN! Another stomach virus resulting in puking as soon as child is tucked into bed. Jack started in on Saturday evening after I made a big deal about picking his toys up. And Izzy joined him last night. I sent James to sleep in Jack’s freshly made bed and kept the sick kiddos with me since I figured that we wouldn’t be sleeping much. They surprised me though and slept fairly well after 1 am or so.

Today is James’ birthday. Happy Birthday Honey! Alex and I managed to make some cupcakes that we’re hoping to frost in a bit and I made an executive decision to order pizza for dinner tonight. We already let him open his presents this morning before leaving for work. He seemed to like what the kids and I got him, new shoes and a water filter for camping and hiking. He’s planning his next trip for July.

I’ve almost finished knitting up a project and started thinking about Christmas. I have to be vague, but I can tell you about what I have in mind for the kids! For the boys, I’m going to knit up a farm play mat from Living Crafts.  Here’s a completed one from another blog.  I’m hoping to find a small wooden tractor and a few farm animals to go with it. And for Izzy, I’m planning on knitting her up another pair of longies and I’m not sure what else.


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