A Mama Blessing


I hosted a mama blessing for my friend JoAnn yesterday and had a lovely afternoon with some wonderful friends.  We began the festivities by introducing ourselves and honoring each of our mothers before us.  I am Pam, daughter of Margie, daughter of Christine.

We each chose a flower and wired it into a wreath to crown the the mother.  We then lit a candle while saying our blessing to JoAnn.  We ate some yummy food and then broke out the henna.  JoAnn chose the design and I attempted to copy it onto her lovely belly using marker before we took turns painting over the pattern with the henna.  JoAnn also wanted some henna artwork of a turtle on her foot, so I gave that my best shot as well.

We then assembled a labor necklace.  We each strung on the bead that we brought, telling why we chose our bead and it’s significance.  Her best friend sent a glass turtle bead and I also felt drawn to a turtle, only my bead was made of stone.  Anna gave a bead from her own labor necklace, which touched us all.  Many friends and family couldn’t be with us and sent their blessing and bead through the mail and JoAnn shared some of those with us too.

We ended the afternoon with a poem that Katrina read while wrapping our wrists with yarn for each pregnancy that we each had.  This yarn bracelet is to be a reminder to each of us to continue to keep JoAnn and baby Zoe in our thoughts and prayers during the last days of pregnancy, birth, and the beginning of new life.


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