9 years…

We celebrated our 9th anniversary yesterday.  It was a quiet evening that we enjoyed with our kids, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

In nine years we’ve…

-lived in 3 states.

-called 6 different places home.

-visited 2 other countries (Canada & France.)

-welcomed 3 beautiful children into the world.

-helped to celebrate three 50th wedding anniversaries of family members.

-adopted a sweet furry puppy dog and watch him grow from 4 lbs to 70.

-learned to make wine and beer at home.

-earned 2 degrees (well, James has.)

-met the tooth fairy on 5 occasions.

-learned to knit together.

-seen Niagara Falls.

-gone 11 days without electricity or heat in an ice storm.

-been through a few career changes.

-weathered our fair share of disagreements.

-and never been happier.

I’m so glad that I married my best friend in the world and look forward to our many adventures ahead.  Happy Anniversary James!


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