Too Busy Playing…

to post.  I’ve been enjoying the kids and with this beautiful weather, who can blame me!  It’s 72 degrees in the middle of August and to be inside would be a crime!

I’ve also been busy working on various things around the house.  I’m trying to organize all the household chores and bring some order to it all before we dive back into school time.  And speaking of school, I’ve been contemplating our plans for the year and trying to bring some organization to that as well.

And then there’s my knitting and sewing.  After lusting after some beautiful material here, here, and here, I had to sewing something for Izzy to wear.  I settled on a Butterick B4173 and some material found at the mega fabric store and created this in a day or two:


I love it, only it’s a little big for Izzy right now…

It will be perfect for next spring and summer, right!?  And what a perfect excuse to order some of that fabric I’ve been drooling over to make her something that fits right now?!

I also finished up a couple of knitting projects.  Yippee!  My knitting has been just perfect to bring outside so I can knit away while keeping an eye on the kids.  And speaking of which, I better get the kids back outside before they go nuts.


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