Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

I finished reading this book last week and have felt so inspired by it to support out local farmers and eat locally and seasonally.  We’ve been visiting our farmer’s market and buying a couple of things, but we could do better with our produce.  I’m hoping that we either plant a garden at our dairy farm or support one of the many CSAs available around here.  We already get our milk, eggs, maple syrup, honey, and meat from local farmers, so we’re off to a decent start.

I tried this orzo recipe from, a variation from the one in the book, and oh my goodness is it good!  I also find that Everyday Food is a great source for seasonal recipes and I enjoy meal planning a great deal the week this comes in the mail.

And now with the FDA approving the use irradiation on selected produce, we have even more reason to use our local farmers who use organic practices.  Irradiation is some scary stuff I tell you!

With it being August and everything being so plentiful, I’ve been in the kitchen a lot.  Last week I made 18 quarts of chicken stock for the freezer.  I have strawberries, blueberries and mangos well stocked in the freezer already and decided that we needed some peaches too.  So that’s what I’m doing today… peach oatmeal, peach pie, peach cobbler, peach preserves, frozen peaches.

I also ordered our turkey for Thanksgiving from Skillington Farms this morning.  Can you believe that autumn is knocking at our door already?  I’m sure that we’ll be making a trip to our local orchard for some apple picking and pumpkins soon too.


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