Cardboard Jungle

We’re surrounded by cardboard boxes and a wee bit of chaos.  We made the biggest part of our move over the weekend with most of our furniture on the moving truck, but we still have plenty of packing and moving left to do at the apartment.

We had a few minor stumbling moments, as is expected with any move.  James threw out his back last week and has been doing far more than he should be.  AT&T took 3 days to install and set up internet and cable, which meant that we spent valuable packing time last week here at the empty house playing and knitting (I’m not complaining.)  I had to call the plumber yesterday to come fix a leaky water connection to the washer.

Oh, but it’s all so worth it!  We’ve been living in the house for 3 days now and it’s all just so wonderful.  The kids are exhausted from playing so hard that they are ready for bed at least an hour earlier.  Jackson has been eating nonstop to fuel himself for all the running, climbing, and jumping he’s doing.  They’re covered in dirt, sweat, and laughter each day and I couldn’t be happier about it.

We have open windows with awesome fall breezes and squirrel chatter.  I have a clothes line, James has his hammock, Alex has the rocket tree, Jackson has a great place to dig and explore, and Izzy is happily running between all of us to share in our peace.  We have plenty of room to enjoy eating together as a family at the kitchen table.  And the places to play are abundant!

I’m hoping that we will get the rest of the kitchen stuff moved and organized in the next day or two as we’re getting quite a lot at our produce co-op this week with the start of full vegetable and fruit shares along with my bulk order of grains (including wheat berries that I can grind into flour myself for bread baking.)  I can’t wait to get fill the house with yummy smells from the kitchen!


Happy Birthday Jackson!

Jackson turned 4 on Friday.  He wanted to go camping more than anything and that’s just what we did… in our new backyard!  James pitched the tent and built a fire in our itty-bitty Weber grill and we celebrated Jack.  It was perfect!

4 Jackson

We’re Moving!

You know that “change” that I was thinking about making in that last post, well, we decided to go for it and we’re moving!

My dear friend offered us a wonderful opportunity and now we’ll be spending the next week or two packing up our apartment and settling into a house!  We’ll have one more bedroom and a garage and a fenced-in backyard for the kids and the dog to play in to their delight.  Oh my goodness!  I’m so excited and teary-eyed just thinking about it!


The biopsy results came back yesterday and the tumor is malignant and inoperable.  Grandpa was transferred to in-hospital hospice care to be made comfortable.  The doctors didn’t think that he’d make it through the night, but he did.  Grandma thinks he still has a few more days with us, but nobody really knows.

My grandpa is an incredible man and one of my heros.  He lives his faith every moment and judges no one.  He loves unconditionally and isn’t afraid to show it.  He never stopped learning and was always watching documentaries.  His green-thumb is legendary and he taught both my parents and James and I how to make wine and beer at home.  He taught us many things actually.  I can’t imagine this world without this great man.

Please continue to pray for him as he returns home to be with God.