Happy Halloween!

The kids enjoyed a warm day outside before getting into their costumes.  Alex was “Count Dracula, the most famous vampire.”

Vampire Alex

Jackson was a firefighter that wore cowboy boots and got tired of wearing his hat after just a couple of houses.

Fireman Jack

Isabella was a lion by default.  I made this costume for Alex’s first Halloween 7 years ago and each of the kids have sported this costume at least once for trick-or-treating.  It just makes things easier!

Lion Izzy


Roasting pumpkins

How I adore pumpkins!  Ask James how much I like pumpkins cause he’s sick of hearing me swoon over them.

I finally got around to roasting our pumpkins from our co-op today and what a way to start the day!  Not wanting to waste any part of the pumpkin, I gathered the seeds and roasted them using this recipe.  Yum!  I can’t stop eating them.

Now I have to decide what to make with my precious pumpkin… a traditional pie is definitely in order, but I might have to try this whoopie pie recipe too.

My Little Parisian!

Izzy scarf

The days have gotten colder, but that hasn’t stopped the kids from going outside to play in their new backyard.  Izzy insisted on being like her brother, who has insisted on winter gear since August, and brought me this scarf, my very first knitting.  I learned how to cast on and how to knit on this project.  I figured out how to not add a stitch onto every row…. oh the memories!  I’m happy to see it in use and I must say that my little blue-eyed girl pulls off this look quite well too!

Produce Co-op

Our produce for the week and my first batch of freshly ground wheat flour.  I bought wheat berries a few weeks ago and it was my first time using the co-op’s grain mill.  I can’t wait to taste the bread I make from this!

And that reminds me… I made some really awesome bread last week.  You’re suppose to cut a circle in the top and scrape out the inside in order to fill them with soup, and this is the perfect season for soup filled bread bowls!


Don’t you love that little hand in the corner of the picture stealing a lemon!?  She tried to take a bite of it too.

Izzy has a hat on her head!

Izzy Hat

I finished it last week and she actually seems to enjoy wearing it!  I’m going to knit up a pair of mittens out of the same yarn soon.  The hat pattern is here though I did have to add two more sets of cables to make the hat big enough to fit her sweet head.  If you’re interested in more details, go see my projects on ravelry.