Knitting Update

Izzy now has a PAIR of mittens that match her hat.  They were super fun to knit up for her.  She recognized what the first mitten was while I was finishing up the hand on the needles and started grabbing at it, which made it a bit difficult to finish.  Then, she insisted on wearing the one mitten while I worked on the second of the pair.  I had to track her and the mitten down every so often to compare so they actually would match.   And that to a great friend passing on an adorable little navy winter coat, Izzy is ready for the cooler weather!

Outside IzI finished knitting up square 11 of 12 for the farm playmat.  I need to embellish it with some vegetables, which is on my to-do list for today.  And then I cast on for the final piece!  That’s exciting stuff, I tell you!

Hoping to make it to the local yarn store to spend a gift certificate from my birthday later on this week.  I’m thinking some lovely bulky green yarn to knit myself a cabled hat and maybe some lace weight to knit a scarf/shawl.


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