This Morning…

Sitting down to the computer, I noticed that my coffee cup was empty.  It’s a cold, snowy morning and I definitely want another cup of coffee.  I take my cup to the kitchen for a refill, pour the coffee and go for the sugar.  The sugar jar is empty, so I go refill the sugar.  I go for the milk, emptying the last out of the jug.  I rinse out the jug and put it in the recycling container when I realize that it’s recycling day and needs to be taken to the curb.  I go to verify that it is in fact recycling day with James and he asks if the Christmas tree needs water.  I check and indeed it does need water.  So back to the kitchen I go to get a pitcher full of water for the tree.  After finishing that task, I realize that the recycling still hasn’t gone out, so to the garage to get that done.  Back inside to my coffee, I have the realization that I will be crazy psycho mommy if I don’t eat breakfast before partaking in a second cup of coffee.  I go to the fridge and pull out the leftover pancakes to put in the toaster.  Only, the griddle is still out from yesterday and is blocking the toaster.  So I put that away and drop my pancakes into the toaster and get a plate from the cabinet only to notice that the compost container is full and needs to be dumped out back.  I put my shoes and wool sweater back on and take out the compost.  It’s really snowing outside.  Back inside, I realize that I need to get back on the computer to work on a few gifts before the kids wake up.  Sit down and realize that I forgot my coffee.  Go get coffee, come back to the computer sipping now cold coffee.  Sigh… now back to the kitchen to put cold coffee in the microwave for a quick warm up and retrieve those pancakes that I forgot about.


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