Kitchen Meanderings

What does one do with 5 dozen eggs?

Well you adjust your co-op order to better suit the needs of your family.

You include more eggs in your meal planning for the weeks ahead.

You make eggs every morning for breakfast, make deviled eggs to snack on, and egg salad sandwiches for lunch.

You make angel food cake because it takes 12 egg whites.

Uh-oh, that means you now have 12 egg yolks.  So now, what does one do with 12 egg yolks?

Of course, you make ice-cream (Alton Brown’s recipe uses 8 yolks so you make 1.5 the recipe)!

Uh, darn, hot angel food cake is out of the oven and needs a place cool upside down on a bottle.  What to do!?  What to do!?  Quick!

Check recycling for a bottle!  Darn, pick-up was just a few days ago and there are no proper bottles to be found.

Check the refrigerator for an open bottle of wine!  Just enough for one glass?  PERFECT!

And so there you have it:  angel food cake, vanilla ice-cream, and a glass of wine!  What a good afternoon!

Oh, and it’s crock-pot day so “ham” and beans have been simmering away all day so no worries about making dinner.


Little Acorn Ice Week

Ice Drawing

It was a good week.  Ice was all around us with the big snow.  We painted with food-colored ice cubes, which was super cool and super easy.  We played freeze dance in the living room when we didn’t feel liked going out in the cold and had lots of pent up energy.  Jackson found a “chop-stick” and used it to dig in the snow.  Alex dug a snow cave and then a snow tunnel with the intention of sleeping in it – had to say no to that one.  I was amazed with the hours each day that Alex has been spending out in the snow.  And wee Iz… well as much as Alex adores the snow, she feels a bit of the opposite towards it.  Regardless of her feelings toward the snow, she didn’t want to miss a second of playing with her big brothers and endured the cold torture of the snow sticking to her boots and mittens.  She required multiple rescuing from her no sock, clog-wearing mama way out in the middle of the backyard.

Jackson shrieked in joy every morning when a new flower bloomed on his daffodil plant, assuring me that spring is indeed around the corner.

Just another fun week of being together, living, and learning.

All Done!


I finished up the quilt on Sunday and even managed to wash and dry it so it would get all crinkled and fluffy.  It’s far from perfect and the quilting isn’t straight, but I’m happy with it no less.

Jackson is just awesome for feeding my craftiness.  He get so excited and happy when I finish a project.  He seriously acts like it’s the coolest, greatest thing in all the world and dives into the finished project for hours with no other focus.  The finished quilt was no exception.  He kept it wrapped around himself all Sunday and the first thing out of mouth Monday morning was “quilt.”  He doesn’t forget.

Initially, I had no plans for this quilt, then halfway through I learned about my parents buying a condo in Florida and thought it might be a nice condo-warming/double birthday present for them (both their birthdays and the closing date are in the same week.)  But it is only a twin-size quilt and I wasn’t expecting such a strong reaction from the kids.  I guess what I’m getting at is that I’m still unsure about the fate of this quilt.

I received my yummy fabric in the mail on Saturday for my next quilting project for Izzy.   I need to figure out if it will be enough or if I need to supplement it with a bit of solids.  I’m thinking about making a quilt like this one.  But I’m also really fond of the ragged square quilt and the coin quilt.  Frankly, it’s my goal to make all three this year.  Can you tell that I really enjoy AmandaJean’s blog?

In other crafting projects, I’m about halfway done with my lacey scarf.  It was my goal to have it done before the end of the month, but I ran into a problem when I dropped a stitch from the yarn-over portion of the pattern on Sunday night.  I’ve tried twice to figure out how to fix it without success.  James kindly asked me to put it aside after a few tears and choice words on my part.  So if anybody can help me find the right way to get my stitches back on track, I will be forever grateful.

Being incredibly frustrated, I needed to knit so I cast on another project: a Harry Potter hat for Alex.  Jackson claimed the hat that I made for Alex last year, so I told him I’d make him another one of his choice.  No surprise that he chose the one he did.  I’ll have that done before lunch today and either cast on for matching mittens, another HP hat for Jackson, who wants to be just like Alex, or maybe a pair of socks for me.

And in non-crafting news, Izzy’s dentist appointment last Friday brought less than happy news involving general anesthesia, 2 crowns and 4 fillings.  It will likely be happening next month, so I’ll be keeping my hands quite busy knitting and sewing and the house will be deep cleaned and de-cluttered while not sleeping and worrying about things that I cannot control.



I literally have 5-10 minutes worth of sewing left before I’m finished with the quilt.  I have all three kids sleeping, the dishwasher running, the washer and dryer both going, and coffee drank, but I can’t sew.  Why you might ask?

No thread

Mental note to self, buy more than one spool of thread next time.  You can never, ever have too much thread.  I’m sooooo frustrated!

But since I’m that close to finishing, I went ahead and ordered this:

Birds, cupcakes, and fairies – um, how perfect is that for Izzy!?

Quilt Top

Quilt Top

It took me one day longer than I expected, (something about James and the kids wanting to spend time with me)  but the top is done!  I managed to make it to the fabric store to buy batting and muslin, so I can move right along to the next step of basting it together.   Wish me luck!  This step is going to be a bit tricky with two little ones wanting to help and the other one asking critiquing my every move.


It’s cold, like below zero cold, but it’s made a little better because there is this beautiful lush white snow on the ground to play in.  The boys especially enjoyed some playtime outside.  Iz, not so much.  She didn’t care for the snow sticking to her mittens and boots and needed to be rescued shortly after this picture was taken.

I wonder if I’ll have a different take on the weather after I drag three kids out to run to the grocery store later on?