Meal Planning 101

In an effort to be more organized this year, James and I came up with a rotating categories list to assist us in meal planning.  We’ve always done really well with this system in the past, only using 7 categories, but we wanted a bit more variety and expanded it to 13.

Here are the categories that we came up with:

Sunday:  Formal Sunday dinner night

Monday:  Soup & (salad/sandwiches/fresh bread)

Tuesday:  Asian

Wednesday:  Experimental new recipe night

Thursday:  Crockpot Night

Friday:  Pizza (& movie) night

Saturday:  Grill night

Sunday:  Formal Sunday dinner

Monday:  Bean/chili night

Tuesday:  Italian

Wednesday:  Family Favorites/one-dish wonders

Thursday:  Breakfast dinner

Friday:  Leftovers (& family game) night

Saturday:  Mexican

In the past we’ve done International Week and done recipes from all over the world and found new favorite recipes.  We’ve also done a fish & seafood night (but decided against adding it to our list this time since we no longer live next to an ocean)  and vegetarian night.

Are there categories that we’ve forgotten?  We’re hoping that this leaves enough wiggle room to make good use of our weekly produce share while introducing us to a few new dishes.


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