Little Acorn Learning

Chalk drawing

Umm… we’re in love with this wonderful program!  I had mentioned that I wanted to bring a rhythm and a sense of purpose to our days that was respectful to all and I think we’ve found it!  I felt pulled to try out Little Acorn Learning for this month and I’m so pleased that I did.  I’ve heard it mentioned many times over in various yahoo groups and forums, but after hearing Kara from Rockin’ Granola value it so much, I had to see for myself.

In addition to the monthly program, she also includes a daily checklist to help with balancing all that needs to be done.  This is exactly what I needed.

This week’s theme is sheep’s wool and warmth.  I drew a chalkboard picture and unveiled it for circle time on Monday and got many oooh’s and ahhh’s.  They loved the unveiling.  We did a circle time with all of the put together verses, songs, and stories and added in a few math drills and bean bag tossing for Alex.  The activity for Monday was baking, so the kids and I baked a Three Kings’ cake.  The recipe was included in the program, but I used my own sour cream coffee cake recipe, only adding in 4 beans rather than one so no munchkins would feel left out.  It doubled for a tea time snack on Monday afternoon and breakfast on a very busy Tuesday.

Tea Time

Afterwards, I bundled up the kids in winter gear, leashed the dog, and took a walk around the block.  It was good for all.  The kids helped with chores for the day and with meal preparation.  We used the afternoon for rest and play and came back together for tea time, when we ate a sweet treat, shared a cup of tea, and did a little activity.

Instead of fighting with our own personal goals for the day, our tasks became interweaved.  I got lots of quality time with the kids, individually and together and the kids still had plenty of free play time.  As a result of this, there was no horribly messy house to clean at the end of the day or kids arguing nonstop.  Everyones’ needs got met!


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