Kitchen Meanderings

What does one do with 5 dozen eggs?

Well you adjust your co-op order to better suit the needs of your family.

You include more eggs in your meal planning for the weeks ahead.

You make eggs every morning for breakfast, make deviled eggs to snack on, and egg salad sandwiches for lunch.

You make angel food cake because it takes 12 egg whites.

Uh-oh, that means you now have 12 egg yolks.  So now, what does one do with 12 egg yolks?

Of course, you make ice-cream (Alton Brown’s recipe uses 8 yolks so you make 1.5 the recipe)!

Uh, darn, hot angel food cake is out of the oven and needs a place cool upside down on a bottle.  What to do!?  What to do!?  Quick!

Check recycling for a bottle!  Darn, pick-up was just a few days ago and there are no proper bottles to be found.

Check the refrigerator for an open bottle of wine!  Just enough for one glass?  PERFECT!

And so there you have it:  angel food cake, vanilla ice-cream, and a glass of wine!  What a good afternoon!

Oh, and it’s crock-pot day so “ham” and beans have been simmering away all day so no worries about making dinner.


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