Little Acorn Ice Week

Ice Drawing

It was a good week.  Ice was all around us with the big snow.  We painted with food-colored ice cubes, which was super cool and super easy.  We played freeze dance in the living room when we didn’t feel liked going out in the cold and had lots of pent up energy.  Jackson found a “chop-stick” and used it to dig in the snow.  Alex dug a snow cave and then a snow tunnel with the intention of sleeping in it – had to say no to that one.  I was amazed with the hours each day that Alex has been spending out in the snow.  And wee Iz… well as much as Alex adores the snow, she feels a bit of the opposite towards it.  Regardless of her feelings toward the snow, she didn’t want to miss a second of playing with her big brothers and endured the cold torture of the snow sticking to her boots and mittens.  She required multiple rescuing from her no sock, clog-wearing mama way out in the middle of the backyard.

Jackson shrieked in joy every morning when a new flower bloomed on his daffodil plant, assuring me that spring is indeed around the corner.

Just another fun week of being together, living, and learning.


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