The Simple Woman’s Daybook

Thank you to Peggy at for the Daybook.  You can stop by to see what others are up to today.

Outside My Window… it’s pitch dark and I can’t see a thing.  It’s only 6:30 in the morning.

I am thinking… of all that I will be doing today.  It’s meeting day for LLL, then I work my produce sorting shift at our co-op.  Afterwards, we go to Trader Joe’s so I can pick up a few odds and ends and the kids can find the monkey and claim their treats (they beg for this every time we leave the house.)  I’m still behind from being sick over the weekend and haven’t meal planned so I have no clue what I’m making for dinner.

I am thankful for…  my health and not being sick anymore.  The short-lived stomach bug made it’s way around to everyone, James being the last one to get it yesterday afternoon.

From the kitchen… I have a table of freshly rolled rolled beeswax candles from last night and a floor that is begging and screaming to be swept and mopped.  No yummy baking today.

I am wearing… yellow silk capri pajama pants and a grey long sleeve T-shirt.

I am creating…  a lacey scarf (and not making much progress on it these days.)  I found a beautiful cotton shower curtain on clearance and will be transforming it into a new duvet cover for my bed that actually MATCHES our quilt.  I bought enough solid-colored matching fabric to make roman shades for all the windows and a wee bit of ribbon for accenting the lamp shade.  I’m determined to have a relaxing serene retreat of a bedroom and all for less than $30!

I am going… to be all over the city today with all three kids dragging behind me, likely complaining of my sore back.

I am reading… the computer screen.  Does that count?

I am hoping… to enjoy the little things today in the midst of being busy.

I am hearing… a plane flying overhead, otherwise, complete silence in the house.  Ahhh!

Around the house… I’m not looking.  Please don’t make me.

One of my favorite things… a beautiful ball of green-blue sock yarn on my desk.  I tried all weekend to knit it into a toe of a sock.  I figured out the provisional cast-one and understood the idea of what should happened, but got conquered by the short-row wraps and being nauseous.  I frogged it several times over and decided that learning to knit socks from the toe up is not meant to be accomplished by me at this time.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Snowy Iz


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