Grain Storage

I love that we get can get organic wheat berries, oats, other grains, beans, and rice through our co-op at a super great price, but then we had trouble finding an affordable storage solution.  Sure, they sell these great containers at the specialty cooking stores or flour storage buckets at King Arthur Flour, but at $10-$35 for the correct size, who can afford to buy bulk when you have to front the storage container cost first!?

Many families in our co-op buy the food grade 10-gallon buckets with the gamma seal lids for approximately $12 through Something Better Natural Foods.  This works out great and is a lot more affordable when your buying 50 pounds of bulk grains.  We’re not quite at the point of being able to consume 50 pounds of something before it goes bad though.  The exception here would be dry beans since they last indefinitely (though may require more soaking time with age.)

I’m happy to say that I found a great solution for 5-10 pounds of our bulk buys without breaking the bank or using multiple Ziploc bags (which quickly clutter the pantry and get tiny holes in them that leak after a few handlings.)  I bought the 1-gallon size plastic containers for $2.30 each through Frontier, which is the ideal size for the 10-pound bags of bulk goods.  For ground flour storage and 5-pound bulk grains, I’m guessing the 1/2-gallon plastic containers at $1.75 each with work just as perfectly.    I’ll be ordering many more of these in a couple of weeks and will proudly show off before and after pictures of our pantry once they arrive.


Oh, for easy identification, I cut the label off the bag and taped it on the container and will be writing the date the package was opened so I’ll know the expiration date.

Ahhh!  It’s the little things, I tell you!


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