Duvet Cover!

Duvet Cover

I finally finished it last week and I’m ever so pleased with the result.  I spent a total of $13 to create it, $10 at Target on the clearance shower curtain and $3 at Hobby Lobby for the 3 yards of brown fabric.  I used an old favorite sheet for the back and created a pocket at the bottom (rather than using buttons, ties, or velcro.)  The pattern was completely my own, using the measurements of our down comforter.  The fit of the cover and the comforter together is awesome.  I always hated that our previous duvet covers seemed to have extra fabric just hanging that the comforter didn’t fill.

I have some scraps of the fabric leftover, so I see some throw pillows in my future.

Now if only I can get ahold of a table saw so I can work on the headboard!


Birthday Season

Birthday girl!

We celebrated Izzy turning 2 last week!  She had a cold for the big event, but seemed to enjoy family, cake, and presents just the same.  She didn’t seem to mind at all that her brothers were playing with her new toys while she cuddled in mama’s arms for the following couple of days.

We also shared some big news with our family about another upcoming birthday – oh, sometime in October.  We’re thrilled to be expecting our fourth baby this fall.  The kids are pretty excited too.

Alex’s birthday is next on April Fool’s Day, turning 8 years old!  We have some party planning to do, something to do with dragons and phoenixes and being outside to play.

In the Kitchen

I didn’t give up the computer for Lent, but I have somehow managed to spend more time away from it lately, which definitely has it’s benefits, but does mean less blogging and such.

I found two cool baking sites that I wanted to share:

Baking Bites – Yummy recipes for making Girl Scout cookies.  I love Girl Scout cookies, but I hate fundraisers where very little of the profit goes to benefit the little people doing all the work of selling.  And then there’s the not so happy ingredients to preserve “freshness.”  Not to mention the increased cost and the reduced size of the cookies that happens every year.  So how happy am I to have stumbled onto this website yesterday so I can make my very own Girl Scout cookies at home any time of the year!

The Fresh Loaf – Breadbaking 101.  This website has video tutorials for making the perfect loaf of bread, many recipes, and forums for sharing and troubleshooting.

Speaking of baking, I’ll be throwing a bird-shaped cake together for my sweet little Izzy’s second birthday later on this week.  How can that be!?!  I haven’t decided on the kind of cake or frosting, but I better hurry up already since I only have 2 more days!

I’ve been good with my meal planning and I’ve been trying to cut down the grocery bill a bit to accommodate other coming expense.  I’m in awe of Kara at Rockin’ Granola with her $70 per week budget and I’m trying to learn a thing or two.  Our meals for this week include:

Shredded chicken Marsala over mashed potatoes – my recipe

Indian fried rice – James’ concoction

Corn dogs with baked sweet potatoes

Minestrone (not sure which recipe yet) and salad

Chicken and dumplings

Frittata with blueberry muffins (Cook’s Illustrated basic muffin)

Unstuffed peppers – my recipe based loosely on this recipe

Black bean soup (Trader Joe’s with extras added in) and corn muffins

Cheese tortellini with marinara (Trader Joe’s)

And I’ve gone breakfast happy and have grand plans for making a big batch of waffles and pancakes for the freezer at some point this week.  I love breakfast and get many of my recipes from Bed and Breakfast Online.  Nothing like treating yourself with a little homemade yumminess first thing in the morning!