Alex’s Birthday

8! cupcakes

Eight years and one day ago, I went into labor with my first baby.  It was a long labor with happy memories of sharing cheese and crackers over the tub with my dear husband who continually brought pots of boiling water in an attempt to keep the water warm.  I spent most the day in that tiny, tiny bathroom.  Eventually, things progressed and we went to the birthcenter.  After a bit of excitement, I began pushing.  I pushed, and pushed, and pushed… for 4 hours, I pushed.  And finally, Alex made his entrance into the world!  We were so happy and I was secretly gleeful that I managed to birth him at the very last hours of March 31st, only to discover shortly thereafter that the clock in our birthing suite was BROKEN!  It was actually 1:50 AM on April 1st (not 11:50 PM that the clock read.)

Alex has taken much pride in having his birthday on April Fool’s Day and loves to participate in the joking of the day.

We’ll be spending the day at the Children’s Museum at Alex’s request and then having a dinner of cheese pizza and cupcakes before opening a couple of presents.  We’ll celebrate with friends and family on Saturday at a local park/playground.  Happy 8th Birthday Alex!


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