Pantry Organization

Pantry 1

It’s been on my to-do list for weeks and I finally got around to it!  I’ve been getting containers through Frontier ($2.10 for the gallon size) for the past couple of months to have some sort of affordable storage system and I’m quite happy with the results.

Top shelf

Storage on the top shelf for serving baskets and food dehydrator.  The next shelf has the rotisserie, white rice, cocoa powder, and baskets full of dried fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, and other randomness.


Next is the grain and bean shelf.  I keep the various wheat berries behind the ground flour in the gallon size containers.  This is a great size and has an opening big enough to accommodate my measuring cups.  I keep both steel cut oats and rolled oats on hand and love to make oatmeal with both.  If you haven’t tried crockpot steelcut oatmeal from Alton Brown, I highly recommend it!

On the last shelf I have a basket of a variety of potatoes and a bag of onions.  I’d like to get a separate basket for onions as there are times when we have more than 2-3 onions.  We have some bottled water and boxed juice for picnics and then a corner full of various pastas.  I’m thinking another basket or container would be good for containing the pasta as well.  In front of that is boxed cereal, crackers and our snack basket.  The snack basket was recommended to me at a LLL meeting 5 years ago and has worked amazingly well for our family!  It allows the kids to make their own snack choice without my help.  It’s especially great for toddlers when there’s a new baby in the house.   I keep it filled with cereal bars, kid portions of nuts, dried fruit, pretzels, cereal, fruit leathers, applesauce, granola bars, etc.   They also have the fruit drawer as an option.

fruit drawer

Our pantry is a converted coat closet.  We have about 3 feet under the last shelf where I keep a 5-gallon bucket of beans, 10 pounds of AP flour, a big box of trash bags, a broom and dustpan for easy access and the trash can.  I don’t think you need a picture.

We also have a corner spinning cabinet where we keep various oils, vinegars, coffee, baking goods, canned goods, sugar, maple syrup, honey, etc.  It’s location is right next to the stove, which makes it ever so nice to have everything within an arm’s reach when needed!

So that’s my picture tour of my organized pantry.  I guarantee that it won’t look this neat and tidy in a couple of weeks.


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