Busy, busy!

We enjoyed a lovely visit with family from Texas last weekend and then the kids went through grandma and grandpa withdraw.  We seem to be running endless errands this week between co-ops and a midwife appointment.  Wish things were going to slow down for the weekend, but they’re not.

Izzy’s has been running a fever for the past 36 hours with no other symptoms.  Hoping it’s just related to those top two molars trying to break through her gums and not one of the many bugs going around.

Everyone else seems just fine, a bit put off by the cooler, rainy weather, but that started to change yesterday.  It also helped that we got some play sand for the sandbox.  The boys are happy to brave a bit of cold weather in order to dig and get dirty.

I made it to my first midwife appointment and did indeed hear a heartbeat!  Baby was busy moving and made it a bit challenging to find.


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