It felt a little more like summer here this weekend when we hooked up the sprinkler for the kids and roasted some marshmallows over the fire.  I won’t mention the big old thunderstorm that blew in as I was roasting the last one and got me a wee bit wet.

The boys positively adored the sprinkler.  Izzy wasn’t so sure of it and kept her distance.

Sprinkler Sprinkler 2 Sprinkler Jackson Alex Sprinkler


Quilt Along – Week 2

I got all of my fabric cut this week and it couldn’t have been easier, just 2-1/2 inch strips.

Fabric Strips

This was the first time that I cut my own fabric for a quilt.  I bought my material pre-cut and followed their directions for putting it together, so I’ve already done two things that I haven’t done before, the other picking out 12 different fabrics to make one quilt.

Looking forward to week 3 when I get to sew!



I’m back on track with my de-cluttering the house.  No less than 6 cardboard boxes are stacked and waiting to be recycled.  A pile of things to be donated to Goodwill is being accumulated.  I discovered that I do indeed have a countertop in the kitchen and hope to find that I have lots of empty shelf space in the laundry closet once I get to that area as well.

Yesterday’s focus was on our bedroom and converting the office/sewing room into a sewing/bedroom.  One day it will become Izzy’s room, but we have no false expectations of that happening anytime soon and embrace as much.  I really love what is happening in both of the rooms.  We moved a dresser and our beds and now our bedroom is functional again.  No more climbing over a bed to attempt to get into the closet.  The toddler bed set-up is secure regardless of jumping and bouncing.  The lighting works better.

The other bedroom is a bit slower in progression.  I’m unpacking gifted sewing items and organizing them using mason jars and appreciating their vintage beauty.  The inspiration I’m getting every time I walk in the room is overwhelming and it’s hard to continue the work that needs to be done to finish the job and not stop immediately to sew or knit.

Oh, how I am enjoying the simpler things these days.  De-cluttered living space, lemonade, muffins, warm days on the blanket in the grass, watching the kids ride their bicycles, and farmer’s market.  Summer is almost here.

Quilt Along


In my effort to be ready for Christmas before the arrival of our little one in October, I decided to join the Old Red Barn Quilt Along.  It should be fun and educational.  I’ve never done a quilt completely start to finish and I know that I’ve skipped steps with the two quilts that I have created.  In theory, I’ll have others cheering me on and have a forum to ask questions in case I get stuck and I’ll have a complete quilt come the end of June!

My paternal grandparents have been hinting that they would like a quilt for the past three years since I gifted the first one to my maternal grandparents.  With grandpa on dialysis, he’s almost always cold and low on energy, so I decided that there is no better time than now to create a quilt for them.

I picked out the fabric at the big fabric store not far from here and I’m using some recently handed-down fabric as well.  I’m going for a country fourth-of July feel and I hope that I succeeded with my fabric choices.  I think that these will work well in their house, no matter where they decide use it.

Oh, and did I mention, that there will be a weekly give-away associated with the quilt along?  Yet another bonus to sewing a quilt now!

Slowing Down

I was really getting into a good household chore rhythm over the past few weeks and making good headway on spring cleaning and de-cluttering as well until… I threw out my back on Sunday trying to roll my pregnant-self over in bed.  It just sounds pathetic, doesn’t it!?  I could hardly stand, walk, or sit on Monday and was bed-ridden all day.

Well, nothing like a forced resting period and being dependent on everyone else for a change.  James changed his work plans around for the week so he can mostly work from home to help out.  Alex has been so awesome helping out with the little kids and doing extra chores around the house all without being asked to do any of it.  He even requested to be in charge of making dinner tonight and wanting to sweep and mop the kitchen later on.

Jackson and Izzy are helping out too.  Izzy is great at dragging clothes baskets full of laundry and picking things up off the floor and who knew that Jackson could be so efficient at picking up the living room when bribed with a cereal box toy!?

Thankfully, I was able to quickly get in to see my wonderful doctor on Tuesday morning.  He did some cupping on my back, which I so highly recommend should you throw out your back, and performed a few adjustments.  Seriously, I felt amazing afterwards and could stand up straight again.  The only down side is the lovely round “marks” left on my back created from the suction.  It’s quite funny.

Two and a Half Years

That’s all the separates Izzy and Jackson.  And that’s all that will separate Izzy and our little one due in October.  Three little munchkins and one big kid sound like a lot of work!  There are times that I worry that it’ll be too much and that I must be insane, but then there are moments of such clarity that I know that things will not only be okay, but that things will be so absolutely amazing and great that I’ll not know how to contain the happiness and abundance of blessings that I will feel.

What a Pair!
Smiling Pair

Dynamic Duo