With the weather being so nice thus week, we’ve spent lots of time outside.  I was watching Alex ride his bike and realized that he was ready to do it without training wheels.  I gauged his interest, and though he was quite nervous, he said it was something he’d like to try.

For whatever reason school was not in session at the elementary school next door, so we had the perfect place to practice.  I had all three kids grab their bikes while I grabbed a wrench and we headed on over to the empty parking lot.

At first, I just raised his training wheels up off the ground and let him do a couple of laps.  He was sooooo ready!

I took them off completely with him begging me to do only one at first.

I held on to him for a lap or two while running beside him.

Then, I let go and off he went never looking back, grinning a big grin!

Seriously, it took 5 minutes before he was starting, riding, and stopping the now 2-wheeled bike on his own.  He didn’t fall, not once!


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