Three Little Monkeys

I took a break from bread-making these past few months.  It was one responsibility that I could give up in order to have more of myself to give to my family in other ways, but yesterday, I felt called back to it… in the form of monkey bread.  If you’ve never had monkey bread, you’re really missing out and need to try it!  It’s a basic bread dough that you cut into small pieces and dip into melted butter and vanilla and then into a cinnamon-sugar-pecan mixture and throw into a tube-shaped pan.  After it’s baked, you can just pinch the bite-size pieces off from the “loaf” and you have all that yummy goodness all at once!

Monkey bread is also the perfect task for my little monkeys.  Each one had a job that they took very seriously, and it took a little bit of effort in assigning the right task to the right child.  Izzy was all about swishing the dough in the butter and didn’t at all mind have her fingers completely saturated in the stuff (surprisingly, there was no way Jack was going to put his fingers in that.)

Monkey Bread

Alex thoroughly coated each dough ball with the cinnamon-sugar-nut mixture and did so with great concentration.

And dear Jackson discovered his calling by tossing each coated piece into the pan with great finesse.

While going to get my camera, I overheard sharing of dreams of the three kids wanting to open up their own bakery together to make monkeybread and other sweet treats to share with the world.

I would have taken pictures of the finished product, but it was too darn good to let sit around.  We devoured the entire thing within minutes of taking it out of the oven.  So much for breakfast this morning, but at least now, we have memories and dreams that can live on a bit longer.


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