Slowing Down

I was really getting into a good household chore rhythm over the past few weeks and making good headway on spring cleaning and de-cluttering as well until… I threw out my back on Sunday trying to roll my pregnant-self over in bed.  It just sounds pathetic, doesn’t it!?  I could hardly stand, walk, or sit on Monday and was bed-ridden all day.

Well, nothing like a forced resting period and being dependent on everyone else for a change.  James changed his work plans around for the week so he can mostly work from home to help out.  Alex has been so awesome helping out with the little kids and doing extra chores around the house all without being asked to do any of it.  He even requested to be in charge of making dinner tonight and wanting to sweep and mop the kitchen later on.

Jackson and Izzy are helping out too.  Izzy is great at dragging clothes baskets full of laundry and picking things up off the floor and who knew that Jackson could be so efficient at picking up the living room when bribed with a cereal box toy!?

Thankfully, I was able to quickly get in to see my wonderful doctor on Tuesday morning.  He did some cupping on my back, which I so highly recommend should you throw out your back, and performed a few adjustments.  Seriously, I felt amazing afterwards and could stand up straight again.  The only down side is the lovely round “marks” left on my back created from the suction.  It’s quite funny.


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