I’m back on track with my de-cluttering the house.  No less than 6 cardboard boxes are stacked and waiting to be recycled.  A pile of things to be donated to Goodwill is being accumulated.  I discovered that I do indeed have a countertop in the kitchen and hope to find that I have lots of empty shelf space in the laundry closet once I get to that area as well.

Yesterday’s focus was on our bedroom and converting the office/sewing room into a sewing/bedroom.  One day it will become Izzy’s room, but we have no false expectations of that happening anytime soon and embrace as much.  I really love what is happening in both of the rooms.  We moved a dresser and our beds and now our bedroom is functional again.  No more climbing over a bed to attempt to get into the closet.  The toddler bed set-up is secure regardless of jumping and bouncing.  The lighting works better.

The other bedroom is a bit slower in progression.  I’m unpacking gifted sewing items and organizing them using mason jars and appreciating their vintage beauty.  The inspiration I’m getting every time I walk in the room is overwhelming and it’s hard to continue the work that needs to be done to finish the job and not stop immediately to sew or knit.

Oh, how I am enjoying the simpler things these days.  De-cluttered living space, lemonade, muffins, warm days on the blanket in the grass, watching the kids ride their bicycles, and farmer’s market.  Summer is almost here.


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