Not quite 20 weeks yet…

but I’m feeling HUGE!!!  Technically, I’m not even to the halfway point yet and will be growing bigger and bigger all summer.  Eeeks!

Almost 20 weeks

I get asked when I’m due by friends and strangers and when I say the end of October, the look on their face is priceless and full of surprise.  I’m pretty sure that they’re thinking much sooner than mid-autumn.  At least I can laugh at that for now.

I can feel the baby moving on a regular basis and this kid has some spunk!  I love that!

I went to see me midwife earlier this week and all seems well with me and the baby.  Good FHT and great blood pressure for mama.

I’ll be having an ultrasound soon, so I’m looking forward to getting a bit of  a blurry visual of baby.  We WILL NOT be finding out the gender until the birth.  I love this simple little surprise, though I must admit that I’m itching to know whether I should be knitting for a girl or a boy.  I have enough pregnant friends to share the knitted goodies with, so I really shouldn’t worry about it and just knit a bit of everything.


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