Quilt Along: Week 3

Quilt blocks

It took me 5 days to get all the sewing, ironing, and cutting done, but I now have 39 quilt squares ready to be pieced together this week.  The kids have been showing more of an interest in the variety of things in the sewing room, so I’m only able to steal away 5-10 minutes here and there and rarely get a big chunk of time to do any project start to finish.

Another week has been added to the quilt along, so now I’m looking at the first week of July to have the quilt completed.  I’m a wee bit grateful for that after working so hard last week on it.  I was looking forward to having a few presents ready for Christmas gift giving under my belt by the end of June, but really, what is one more week!?

Now I need to decide if I want the quilt to be 6 squares by 6 squares or do I cut another strip out of extra fabric that I have to create 3 more squares to make it 6 x 7?  I need to decide before I piece it together and start sewing.  I think I’ll do a little experimenting today to see what I like and go from there.


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