Lace Scarf is DONE!

Lace Scarf

I had grand plans for this small project at the beginning of the year.  Last year, I learned to knit socks and this year, it was to be lace.  I bought a couple skeins of lace weight yarn, not realizing how much yardage you get on a single skein and set out to find a good introductory lace pattern.

I decided on using the free fishtail lace scarf pattern using some beautiful alpaca yarn from the LYS.  It was my first time knitting with alpaca as well.

Naive me thought I would be able to knit something as simple as a scarf in just a month’s time.  LOL!  I made good progress during January and after only a few repeats of the pattern had it committed to memory.  I didn’t have straight needles in the correct size, but I had 16” circulars, so I cast on using those.

I only worked a couple rows at a time in February.  I found the circular needles difficult to work on so I put some temporary caps on two DPNs of the same size and continued.  Mental note to self, spend the money on the correct needles to save your sanity (seriously $5 and I probably could have avoided a few headaches!)

In March, I kept loosing stitches and having to rip out 3-4 rows at a time to get back to the correct number of stitches in pattern.  Then, the silly thing fell behind my dresser.  I wasn’t handling all that backwards knitting very well, so I thought it best to leave it hidden behind the dresser for awhile.

It remained hidden, but not forgotten for all of April.

I dug it out in the middle of May and reclaimed the correct amount of stitches.  I also dug out some needle cap thingies that help to keep the stitches on the needles when you set the work-in-progress down.  It solved my lost stitch problem, who knew!?

Wanting to start accumulating some lovely homemade gifts for Christmas, I decided it was time to finish this project up by the end of June, and I did just that last night!  Yippee!

What to knit next?  Maybe a few baby items or a couple of hats for Christmas giving?


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