Quilt Along – DONE!

I managed to keep up with the weekly schedule and finished each and every task on time, which left me with a beautiful quilt to celebrate the Fourth of July!

Finished Quilt

I took a leap of faith and did the free-motion quilting and have to agree with all those who posted to the forums that the inconsistent stitch size and mess ups really aren’t all that noticeable after the whole thing is done and washed.  I’m super pleased with the results and it was really fun to sew so haphazardly.

Trimming it all up was fun and very satisfying to see it so close to being done.  It also left me with plenty of scrap batting and backing fabric to complete a much smaller quilting project that I’m planning for July.  It was tempting to just use the backing fabric to bind the quilt and not do the extra work of making my own binding out of separate fabric.  That’s what I’ve done with the past two quilts that I’ve done with decent enough results.  But, I stuck to the plan and the directions of the Quilt Along and chose a plain navy blue fabric, cut it into strips, pieced it back together to make one super long strip, ironed, and began sewing it on.

And the final kicker was hand-sewing the binding onto the back of the quilt.  I looked for a way to do it by machine since that would obviously be much faster and easier, but in the end, I sucked it up and blind-stitched the whole darn thing.  It took HOURS, most of Thursday evening and all day Friday.  I managed to finish it with enough time to wash and dry it before bedtime and really take in the fruit of my labors.

So the quilt is done!  DONE!  I have a few small sewing repair projects ahead of me this week, hemming a pair of pants, and sewing on many lost buttons, but I’m already searching out my next quilt project.  I have a small project in the works from the scraps of this quilt, but I’m ready and anxious to make quilt that I plan on keeping for us.  Izzy will need one for her toddler bed for the up coming winter and maybe another one for a super big girl twin bed in the coming year or two.  A few doll quilts would be good too for her to play with.  Alex’s bed doesn’t have a quilt on it and he might appreciate one come Christmas time.  We could use a few throw-quilts for the back of the couch and the end of our bed and maybe a new picnic quilt or two.  And the quilts that I would love to make and give to friends.  Oh yeah, I’m totally getting into this quilting thing!


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