Third Grade Goals

I spent most of the day trying to make plans for our upcoming homeschooling year with Alex.  I was hoping to compile a detailed monthly, and then weekly, list of studies, projects, field trips, and fun, but after a few overwhelming minutes, I decided that I should take a few steps back and list out our goals for the coming year.

I’m using A Little Garden Flower, A Journey Through Waldorf Grade 3 and A Journey Through Math, as the backbone of the year.   I used “The Waldorf Curriculum, a Holistic Approach to Education for all grades” that was included in the ALGF books as the basis of most of our goals.

In the parentheses, is the method/frequency of the subject.  Waldorf is known for block studies and this will be the way we will approach most of our topics.

In the coming week, I will get into more details and dive into resources for each topic, hopefully making great use of free online resources and our public library, but also likely coming up with a list of books that we will need to purchase and a wishlist of books that would be awfully nice to have on hand, but that we can make due without.  The same goes for supplies.  I’m hoping to share those here, as well, as they’re put together.

Then is the fun part of trying to estimate a loose schedule of sorts that fits the needs and rhythm of our family life, including holidays and festivals that we wish to celebrate.

Language Arts:

Old Testament Stories (block)

Jewish Traditions and Holidays (block and throughout year)

Native American Stories and Traditions (block)

Letter Writing (practice throughout year – maybe a pen pal or two)

Grammar – Lively Language Lessons (weekly)

Journaling (daily)

Independent Reading with Narration (daily)



Practice of 4 Processes and Times Tables (daily during circle time)

Money (1 week focus with play/practical practice throughout year)

Time (1 week focus with practical practice throughout year)

Prime Numbers (1 week focus)

Value Placement (1 week focus)

Measurement (block)

Carrying and Borrowing (block)

Extended Skills (block)

Social Studies:

Farming (block with seasonal observations and work)

Shelters, Homes, and Buildings (block)

Fiber, Fabric, and Clothing (block)


Nature Journaling (weekly)

Farming Crops/Plants (block to correspond w/ farming SS block)

Domestic Farm Animals (block to correspond w/ farming SS block)


Review Knitting (block)

Purl Stitch (block)

Cast-on and Cast-off (block)

Crochet (block)

Sewing (block)


Painting – wet-on-wet watercolor (weekly)

Form Drawing (weekly)


Classics for Kids (weekly)

Penny Whistle ?


Faith Formation Studies (weekly)

Live Liturgical Year, celebrating Saints and Holy Days

Prayer (daily)

Bible and/or Daily Mass Readings (daily)


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