Is It My Birthday?

New Yarn

No, it’s not my birthday, but for an hour or so yesterday, it sure did feel like it was!  Izzy settled down for her afternoon nap while the boys worked on a project together, so I ventured out to the library and the nearest yarn store on my own!

Since it was a rainy, the yarn store was a peaceful, calm place with few customers.  I only needed an inexpensive skein of Blue Sky Alpaca to finish a wee sweater, but I couldn’t resist touching all the luscious varieties of fibers and taking in all the beautiful colors.  I fell in love with a lovely bit of Debbie Bliss silk in a lovely light aqua color (um, they only had a couple of colors at the store and I had no idea about all those other wonderful colors that I’m now currently drooling over as well,) but convinced myself that I would come back to buy the proper amount when I had a pattern and a plan in mind.  Silk!  I’ve never knit with silk before.  I ended up splurging only on a single skein of Malabrigo lace-weight pink and red variegated merino in the “Little Lovely” colorway (It’s the little one up there in the picture.)   I’m thinking that it would make a lovely small lacy wrap for myself.

I remembered that I never shared my previous yarn indulgences from a couple weeks ago.  I waited for the summer sale at another nearby yarn store to spend a gift card and got more chunky olive green Malabrigo (above) and some oh so soft chunky baby alpaca yarn in purple (to knit that hat for my brother’s girlfriend.)  I was also able to buy a few random skeins of cotton for planned baby projects.

No worries, the wee sweater that I’m working on is pink, so I’m covering all my bases.  I have plenty of pregnant friends to share some hand-knitted love with, so I’m taking full advantage and knitting a couple very girly and very boyish baby things.

Anyway…. back to the solo trip.  After the little bit of Heaven in the yarn store, I ventured to the library to pick up a book on ILL.  They surprised me with an additional book that I requested be put on hold, so now I have two books to read that came highly recommended by friends:  Rhythms of Learning and The Contemplative Mom.  I’m a chapter into the first one and enjoying it immensely.  I have such wise friends!

So that’s what it takes to make me feel extra special, a little bit of yarn and a good book or two, lol!  It helps that there’s the promise of a low-key summer week ahead, where I hope to spend many hours on the picnic quilt with the kids busy swimming in their pool while I take full advantage of my peaceful time!


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