Peach Wine


Remember those peaches from last summer?  I got a little happy learning how to can and kept stocking up on fruit.  I did it first with peaches and we made some peach jam and peach wine.

Well, almost an entire year later, after many months of fermenting, settling, and a wee bit of filtering, it made its way into bottle yesterday!  Yippee!

I had a wee taste and it’s good!  It’s a bit on the strong side, estimated around 12% alcohol, which is high for your standard wine.  The flavor is sweet, floral, and fruity.  I also tasted a bit of honey, though none whatsoever was used during the wine making process.

James got a total of 22 bottles and took 6 of them with him to a work conference today.

I’m looking forward to enjoying more than a mere taste of the wine and partaking in a glass or two come November!


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