Knitting Misadventures

I’m coming to terms that I must not be meant to knit in July.  Everything, not just one project or two, but all of my current knitting projects are not working out.

I’m finally admitting that although I took the time to knit a swatch for gauge measurement and it all seemed well and fine, that I must have been delusional or substantially changed my tension or something because things just aren’t adding up.  I have a complete back and 2 front panels that match up, but it’s the sleeve that’s giving me trouble.  I’m suppose to increase a stitch every 4 rows until a certain number of stitch and then knit straight until it measures 5 inches from cast-on edge.  I still have 7 more increases to make, 32 rows of knitting and the sleeve is already measuring around 5-6 inches in length.

I’m really hoping that I can still make it work.  I don’t care if it fits a newborn or an 18-month-old at this point, I just want a normal looking cardigan.  I think I’m going to piece the front and back together as instructed, finishing the neck and then measure the sleeve holes to see how wide I need the sleeves to be to sew them on.  Not sure if I’ll end up with 3/4 length sleeves or extra long sleeves that need rolling up, but either way is acceptable to me.

If Girl Knitting

I finished knitting the green Christmas hat that I meant to gift to my brother… only it’s not quite long enough and fits my boys much better than it fits a grown man’s head.

Manly Hat for a Little Guy

I guess an extra hat around here in the winter is always a good thing and I can still use it as a Christmas gift, only to one of my boys instead of my brother.

And then there’s the very purple hat for my brother’s girlfriend that is also too small.  I’m using the same pattern as I did for my own hat last year.  I love it, but wish it were just a little snugger, so I thought I’d get all smarty pants on it and use a smaller needle.  I’m using alpaca yarn instead of merino this time around and didn’t think to take that into consideration.

Purple Hat

It would look great on Izzy!  I frogged it this morning right after I took this picture and broke out the proper 10.5 sized needles.  Now should I cast on for the small size again or go with the medium?  Um, I’m thinking medium.


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