My Sanity Returns!

Stick CrayonsI found them!!!  Now we can do form drawing!

For those of you scratching your heads, I went into a pregnancy-hormone induced fit when I couldn’t find the stick beeswax crayons last week.  I spent the entire afternoon tearing apart the house looking for them and was an emotional mess.  The entire time, I knew that I was being crazy and irrational, but that didn’t make the feeling go away or the need to continue the frantic search.  My poor children who witnessed the event were a little confused.  And my poor husband who had the nerve to suggest that I just use the Crayola crayons…  I warned him.  They just laughed and shook their heads and let me continue in my insanity, bless their hearts.

Well, this morning, as I’m looking for a certain CD to import into my phone, I found them hiding on the bottom shelf behind the CD binder.  Whew!  I can breathe again!

Crazy, I know.



Interesting article about academic kindergarten.

Family has asked many times if Jackson will be starting kindergarten this year since he’ll be turning 5 in September.  Nope, I’m not.  He needs time to just be five!

And when he does start kindergarten, we’ll likely be taking our cues from Waldorf philosophy, and keep things active and playful.

Weekend Work

FarmPick up milk at the Farm.

HS Planning and knittingHomeschool Planning and Knitting – my books came!

Tire?Get tire patched.  Darn screw!

TomatoesCan tomatoes?  We have too many to eat right away, no matter how creative I am in the kitchen, but not really enough to get more than a couple jars of canned tomatoes/sauce.

GrapesPick grapes.  Make grape jelly.

Get new belt for the lawnmower.  Mow.

Fix the pantry door – I broke it.

De-clutter and work on the budget.

Love these guys.IMG_0092 IMG_0098 IMG_0106

Week In Review

Meals for the Week

  • Chicken sandwiches with french fries
  • Leftovers
  • Turkey-ham, mac-n-cheese, mixed veggies
  • Rigatoni-D (pasta with chicken, mushrooms, & onions in a marsala-cream sauce)
  • Ham, broccoli, and cheese casserole – my favorite childhood dish
  • Steak, crab legs, shrimp with saffron rice and turnip greens
  • Pizza and movie night

Couple of notes:  The Rigatoni- D is our favorite dish at Maggiano’s restaurant.  We came across the recipe for it from a local news program while living in NC and now it’s a regular in our kitchen.  I did the same thing with Alice Springs Chicken from Outback.  Finding these recipes gives us our favorites eating-out meals without spending money at the restaurants and surprisingly uses stuff that we already have in our pantry and fridge.

Steak, crab legs, and shrimp must be crazy expensive, right?!  Nope, not when your husband was inspired by one of his blogs to check out various coupon sites.  He saved a whopping $45 in coupons on this entire meal and got it for less than one would usually pay just for the steak.  I’m not usually a coupon person since I get most of our food through co-op and I find that most coupons are for processed food that we try not to eat too often, but if he can get real seafood and steak from the butcher and still save $45, I need to look into this!

Around the House

Still nesting.  Random overwhelming urges to clean things, like the walls or the utility closet doors.

I think I need to make a responsibility chart for the family and the kids.  Jackson is asking to feed the dog and I think both boys would benefit from a chart instead of hearing mama ask them if they have done such and such.

Eye Towards Rhythm

We’re keeping up with the circle time adventure.  Looking forward to starting lessons with Alex next week.  I think Alex is looking forward to it too.  He asked to practice his cursive and math this week.

We added a new element this week, three more little people.  I’m looking after my dear friend’s children on Fridays while she works.  The two youngest fit right into circle time and seemed to enjoy it.  The oldest was in kindergarden at the school next door until 11.  I’ll need to be better about having an activity planned for all in the afternoon and definitely a formal snack.  Six kids play hard together and have monster appetites!


Finished the little pink sweater.

I cast on the Mason-Dixon baby kimono in a baby blue cotton yarn today.  Hoping it will knit up quickly so I can start working on a hat for Iz and some birthday presents for Jackson.

Alex knit two more rows on his project and discovered that he was adding a stitch to each new row.  We discussed why this was happening and I think he won’t have the problem anymore.  I did the same thing when I first learnt o knit almost 5 years ago, lol!  His coaster is turning into a washcloth, we think.  He also let me know that he’d like to learn to purl, which is great since that’s the next thing in my lesson plans to teach him in handwork!  I love it when things work out like that!

On my mind

Children and chores

Keeping baby warm

Budget:  With big midwife bills due, student loans, and a couple of other unexpected other expenses, we’re doing a complete overhaul.  The thermostat got turned way up, any extra spending has been halted until further notice, and even minivan shopping has been put on hold until we figure a few things out.  Fun stuff friends!

Medicine Cabinet stock-up:  With all the talk about the flu and the vaccine, what do you have stocked in your medicine cabinet as the cold flu season come upon us?  I’m looking more at preventative for the kids especially, but also a few remedies and feel better type things too.  Do you give your kids a multivitamin or other supplements?

For the Weekend

We pick up milk at the farm this weekend, so that will likely be the focus on Saturday.

Hoping the books that I ordered come today so I can throw myself into last minute HS planning!

Something Pink

Pink Cardigan

I finished this little pink baby cardigan last night!  It’s my first attempt at knitting a sweater.  There were five separate pieces to knit and then seam together, a little scary for the first-timer!

I took the time to knit a swatch to measure my gauge and all came out fine until I started working on the sleeves and realized that I would either make the the measured length of the sleeve or the stitch count, but not both.  This caused me a bit of distress and so I hid it away in my knitting bag for at least a month, pondering what to do about it.  Ultimately, I went for a random place in between, which did leave me with longer sleeves, but really, that’s why cuffs can be folded up.

And yes, this little baby sweater is indeed pink.  It’s not pink because we’re having a girl, though who knows, we may be, BUT because I have several friends who are also expecting and I know at least two of them ARE having a baby girl about the same time as my baby arrives.  I wanted to knit in sweet soft baby colors, so I decided to alternate boy/girl projects so I have something for our baby and some things to gift.

Onto a little baby blue yarn for my next project!  Oh, and a sweet pilot’s hat for Izzy in pinks and red.

A Few Random Thoughts for Monday

  • Um, is it October or August?  The weather was strangely, unseasonably cool over the weekend.  I think I even saw a tree or two with leaves changing already.
  • Three kids with a cold, on top of battling the same cold while pregnant is not fun!
  • I thought I was losing my mind when it came to knitting.  It took me a week to work on that itty-bitty pumpkin and lots of discipline to make progress.  And then when the cool front blew in for the weekend, I realized that maybe it was the weather influencing my desire to knit.  I had no problem whatsoever yesterday bringing out the baby cardigan that had been bagged for well over a month and getting to work on it.  Heck at this rate, it could be done by the end of today.
  • Nesting, nesting, nesting!  Must clean, organize, make lists (lots of lists,) knit, sew, and get ready for Christmas.
  • Feeling the garden love as we pick many more tomatoes from our three plants!
  • Annoyed by the neighbor’s dog barking their heads off at 6 this morning, in turn encouraging my dog to bark.
  • Looking forward to the arrival of two boxes this week, both school-related!

Instead of TV…

We found ourselves:

  • Playing Jenga at the kitchen table, all five of us including Izzy!
  • Running outside to watch a storm front blow inIt's a coming!
  • Winding embroidery floss and knitting.
  • Laughing and giggling while the kids rolled around on the floor for over an hour, on top of and under each other!
  • Playing kickball and soccer outside.
  • Reading books, newspapers, and magazines by ourselves and to the kids.
  • Clearing the kitchen table off as a family.
  • Building train tracks and castles out of blocks.
  • Falling asleep a little bit earlier.