30 Weeks and a Hat!

Wow, how can that be!?  30 weeks means that I don’t have much time for all that I want to get accomplished.  Diapers, minivan, wee newborn clothes and hand knits.  Not to mention, working on Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, homeschooling and house projects.  Ahhh!  This baby could come in as little as 7 weeks now, 7 WEEKS! (Yes, I’m well aware that it could also be 12 weeks, but since I’ve gone “early” with the other three, I’m planning accordingly.)

Well, at least, I have another Christmas present done and ready to gift:

Purple HatIt’s knit from a lovely Alpaca bulky yarn.  Details at Ravelry if you’re interested.


4 thoughts on “30 Weeks and a Hat!

  1. Cables!?
    I’m terrified of even trying those. Ah, all in good time. Just not yet.
    The hat is beautiful.
    30 Weeks!? How can that be.
    I miss and adore you. 🙂

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