Week In Review

Meals for the Week

  • Grilled shrimp and steak (on clearance), baked potatoes and broccoli
  • Tuna casserole
  • Fettucini with oven-roasted tomatoes (from our garden!!!) and turkey-bacon
  • Fish with mac-n-cheese and peas
  • Chuck Wagon – baked beans mixed with ground meat and an onion
  • Pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches, spinach salad, carrot sticks, potato salad
  • Grilled chicken breast, rosemary roasted potatoes, sauteed greens
  • Frozen pizza

Around the house

I managed to give the dog a bath outside while watching the kids play in the pool one day this week.  James was kind enough to give him a thorough combing out later in the evening, so we have one beautiful, nice smelling dog!

I gave both boys a haircut.  I have a feeling that it won’t be long until Jackson is asking for a buzz haircut like Alex and daddy, which breaks my heart.  I love his sweet longer locks!

Mission Impossible: De-cluttering and reducing the toys without anyone noticing!  This is going surprisingly well!  The boys were playing at a friend’s house and talking about how they had both a sandbox and a sand table at their house.  Little did they know that we had given our friends the very sand table that they were play around at the beginning of summer!  They never even noticed!

I attacked the boys’ closet on Wednesday.  I took two boxes of toys out the garage.  What remains in the closet?  On the floor is a badly broken wicker basket that contains various dress-up hats and supplies (I took out all the old Halloween costumes that were too small for them and packed them away,) a bean bag, a big tub of small wooden blocks, a small chest of Playmobile toys.  Dress clothes are hanging in the closet and take up less than a foot of space on the rod.  And up on the shelf are three R/C robot toys that never get played with because they scare the 2-yo, a play tent, and a tunnel set.  I’d like to make better use of the space and get a better basket and some kind of shelving.  With Jackson turning 5 next month, I’m envisioning more big boy toys (more Playmobile and small Legos in particular) that will need a designated space away from baby’s hands.

Next up is the playroom.  We have a big storage cabinet that I have high hopes for toy storage.  I moved it in there a couple months ago, but haven’t gotten around to re-organizing the toys to make great use of it.  I’ll likely need to buy a few more baskets for easy kid access.  With all the back-to-school deals going on right now, I should be able to do it fairly cheaply and easily!

The bookshelves in the playroom need help too.  They’re cluttered with old school stuff and books that just don’t get read/used.  Think of all the space we could have for new books if I get rid of those un-used books or at least re-organize them to rotate them in and out seasonally!

Eye Towards Rhythm

We were successful in doing circle time 3-4 times this week, so my personal goal was met!  The kids have been flourishing with this activity and attention.  Izzy sings and recites the various nursery rhymes to herself and her babies while playing on her own, which is so darn sweet!  Jackson is learning how to do jumping jacks and participate a little bit more with the songs and fingerplays rather than trying to run around and  be goofy.

We baked banana bread on Monday evening.  I was hoping to do it earlier in the day, but it just didn’t happen – and ya know, nobody minded one little bit.  Alex made brownies from scratch with James the night before while Jack and Izzy ran an errand with mama.

Painting day was moved from Tuesday – a crazy out-of-the-house day – to Wednesday.  I think we may make that a permanent change.  We’re still awaiting our watercolor paints to arrive in the mail any day now.

Thursday is playdough/clay/beeswax day.  I usually cheat and just bring out the tub of playdough with the cookie cutters.  But after years of wanting to try it, we made our own playdough in the kitchen!  Hoping it will last us a little while!

There was plenty of impromptu crayon drawings, so I’m not feeling a need for a specific crayon day as suggested in LAL.  Next week, I’m hoping to add craft day and form drawing to the mix.  Alex has also requested that we get back in our afternoon tea time routine, which I’m ever so happy to do.  I think we’ll also use this time on Fridays for saint stories, like I attempted to do last year.

Handwork and Crafting

Alex is still working on knitting his coaster.  We haven’t been as good on doing handwork in the evenings this week.

I finished the purple Christmas hat early this week.  Hope to cast on for a few new things, including a project for a nature table swap that I’m participating in.  Must prioritize!

Sewing bug is sneaking up on me again.  I need to start my MIL’s present and get it done.  I also have a pile of mending that NEEDS to get done.  Beyond those needs, I have grand ideas for creating placemats for the kids, name buntings for each of the kids to hang over their beds, and dolls for Jack and Izzy.  And I just got Handmade Home yesterday, so I may very well lock myself up in the sewing room this weekend!

Oh, and then there’s Halloween costumes to think about!  James bought fabric and notions to make Izzy a water fairy costume after she had a huge reaction to seeing bits and pieces of the Tinkerbell movie last week on pizza and movie night.  Alex wants to be a vampire again, so we’ll be re-using that costume!  And Jackson – I’m thinking with all the pirate play that he’ll want to be a pirate.

For the Weekend

It’s State Fair time!  Maybe this weekend, we’ll ride the train shuttle downtown and see what the fair has to offer.  We’ve been to the North Carolina State fair, but not Indiana’s.  It could be fun.  Of course, there are plenty of things around the house that could keep us busy too.


3 thoughts on “Week In Review

  1. A great way to do the fair is to drive to the train station in Fishers and ride the train in. It is so much easier than finding a parking space and then schlepping from there. The train tickets — IIRC — cost no more than parking would have.


  2. Hooray for the accomplishments!! Jorry should be finished with the job this weekend which will free up the van for me to use next week…up for a visit if it works out? I could help with decluttering while the kids are entertained and you could even put the stuff in my van and I can take it away. 😉 Oh and we are going to the fair next week…wonder if we should do the train or just try to park since it will be a week day.

  3. Wow, you’re so inspiring! Do you have a suggestion for a good waldorf homeschooly preparation type of book for me, there are so many! Let me know if I can help you with anything, decluttering, crafting, whatever. Oh, and I would attempt to park in the fairgrounds or at the deaf school before taking the train because it’s free, although it is first come first serve. We went yesterday morning and it wasn’t even half full yet!

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