I have my copy of Handmade Home!!!!

When my darling husband called me on Tuesday to see if there was a book he could buy for me, I jumped out of my seat trying to relate to him just how badly I wanted Amanda Soule’s newest book, Handmade Home, that just so happened to be released on that very day.  Unfortunately, the bookstore that he was at was behind a bit and the book was still in transit, so I had to wait.

The bookstore called on Thursday morning, so before lunch (nothing like good motivation for this preggo mama to get herself and three kids dressed and out of the house before lunch unplanned,) we ventured out and picked up my treasure!

Oh, it’s beautiful!  The pictures, the writing, the patterns, even the actual pages of the book are all so beautiful and inspiring.  So many projects that I want to create that I’m not sure where to begin.

The cover of the book has been staring at me for months, inviting me to make buntings for the kids.  I’d like to make one for each of the kids with their name to hang over their bed in the same way her “dream” bunting is hanging over her slumbering baby.  After seeing my dear friend complete this project for her daughter’s birthday and falling in love with her fabric choices, it’s even more on the front burner now.

What next?  A playful dog bag pictured in the book to show off the “Arts and Hooks Rack.”  I’m in love with it and can easily imagine Jackson and/or Izzy swooning over something similar to tote their treasures and books.

So many projects to inspire!  Ironically, many of the projects I have in mind aren’t even from the book, but the book sure does get my creative juices flowing and serves as great motivation for me to get me sewing and knitting, and crafting and playing!

Oh, and if anyone comes across wool blankets at the thrift store, please let me know!


5 thoughts on “I have my copy of Handmade Home!!!!

  1. My copy is due to arrive Monday…but usually it comes early. I pre-ordered it from Amazon last month and am sooooo excited. Where we live there really aren’t any bookstores, so Amazon is my friend!

    I’ve been following along the snippets from the book on her blog. I’m insanely ready for this book. Now, time to make things…that’s a completely different story. 😀

  2. Yeah!!! I got a surprise copy from a friend on my unschooling list. It came yesterday and I was soooo excited. Still haven’t had time to go throught the projects but I did read the intro and the first part on fabrics. I’ll keep my eye out for wool blankets here in town.

  3. Oh stop it! Amazon just sent mine yesterday…why in the world did they hold my order so many days!!?!!?!?!?? Do they not know this is SOULEMAMA!
    woooooot wooooot! can’t wait to dig in –be sure to post all your goodies!

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