State Fair

After doing a wee bit of research, I discovered that veterans and their families got into the fair for free on Sunday, so we decided to take advantage of James being a veteran!  I looked into taking the train, but at almost $40 for the family to ride it, I decided that we’d take our chances with parking.  The one thing I failed to check on was the weather forecast, so when I got up on Sunday morning and clicked on the weather icon to discover a forecasted high of 92, i decided the earlier we got to the fair, the better I would fair! Cow We arrived around 10 am after mama filled the family with vanilla-pear oatmeal.  Thank you Autumn for mentioning the free parking because we did indeed get to partake in that wee advantage too!  We went through some of the halls and the Pioneer Village, which we especially enjoyed, before the fair was even remotely crowded.  I found an awesome hand-made wooden broom and mop for the kids for less than $9 for the kids (um, I intended for Christmas, but that’s not going to work.)  James discovered a rain-collection system for the budget-minded family.  And the kids discovered all the cool tractors. Jackson on a tractor Tractor Wheel We took many breaks under shady trees to giggle, rest, and enjoy the day, not to mention some fair treats. Snow ConeWe saw cows and pigs, horses and sheep, chickens and rabbits!  We saw corn and tomatoes and lots of beautifully crafted quilts and other crafts.

sheepAnd then the kids each enjoyed a ride or two.

Jack and Iz driving!It was a good day and boy, was it HOT when we left!  We were all glad to reach the car for some rest, air-conditioning, and some fresh cold water.


2 thoughts on “State Fair

  1. What!? No photos of your 30+week glorious pregnant belly at the fair?

    Glad you guys had fun AND had so many cool freebies!!

    We went 2 years, once when it was just us and Nic, and the 2nd time when Theo was a baby. We had fun…but it is HOT and the air conditioned spaces are welcome!

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