Week In Review


  • Rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, salad, cornbread (thank you Boston Market)
  • Rosemary-roasted chicken and potatoes with green beans, tomato-basil-mozzarella salad
  • Pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches, left-over veggies and salad
  • Unstuffed peppers (Italian chicken sausage with diced red peppers, onions, and garlic with chopped tomatoes (from the garden,) rice, and a sprinkling of monterey jack cheese on top – a personal favorite!
  • Spaghetti and meatballs, salad
  • Pizza and movie night

Around the House

I got some long needed cleaning done around the house.  The kitchen got a good scrubbing, as did the bathroom.  I cleared out some boxes meant for Goodwill so I can now see and use my sewing machine!  Now I need to go through some of the other boxes that were temporarily moved into the garage and get them out of the house for good!

I went through the kids’ clothes and made a list of needed items for the upcoming fall and winter season.

Bills were paid and plates were renewed!

We went TV-free and are enjoying the many benefits.  Even with the scattered rain all week, we didn’t miss the TV.  We’re still doing pizza and movie night on Friday by either popping a DVD into the Mac or renting one on i-Tunes.  There is a benefit to having the computer set up in the main living space!

Eye Towards Rhythm

We again succeeded in doing circle time three times this week, though one of those times it was done in the car on the way to the library.  The kids certainly didn’t seem to mind and loved having the extra free time at the library to pick out books and play.  Alex didn’t stop reading all day!

The kids played with their homemade playdough again this week and spilled an entire pitcher of water when trying to mold the dough around it.  Um, mental note to self, clear off the ENTIRE table for kids’ activities!

Blueberry muffins were made for baking day, though my little helpers weren’t all that interested.

No requests for painting yet this week, but there’s always today!


I made some headway in this department this week!  First the sewing area was re-discovered hiding behind all those cardboard boxes and piles of stuff.  I had acquired a stack of items in need of mending, so I attacked it on Thursday!  Buttons were bought and sewn on where old ones had fallen off.  Pants were patched.  Skirt seems were re-sewn where fabric wore out.  And two more pairs of pants will be hemmed by the end of today (I had to buy matching thread last night before I went completely crazy and started using contrasting thread just to get the job done – I don’t think my husband would like that too much for his work pants.)

I made another four coasters for all those sweating glasses of sweet tea and ice water.


I finished knitting up a cute little pumpkin for an autumn nature table swap that I’m participating in.  Now I need to figure out what else to include in the package.  Jackson loved the finished pumpkin, especially when it came time to stuff it.  He wants one of his own in addition to a knit egg?  His birthday is next month, so maybe I can squeeze in a couple more little projects just for him?


Speaking of Jackson, he insisted that I buy some flannel at the fabric store last night to make him some jammies.  He can be very persuasive!  He wanted to sleep with the fabric since I wouldn’t stay up late last night to whip up his pajamas on the spot.  As much as I was hoping to make it into a birthday gift for him, I don’t think he’ll wait that long.

Also in clearing out part of the sewing space, I found the little box that I bought to organize embroidery floss.  As it was, I had it scattered throughout my sewing box, on the sewing desk, in random fabric boxes, and a vintage collection in a cigar box.  Now, I’m in the process of untangling it and winding it up onto little cards that fit just so in that one box.  Jackson has been helping and doing a mighty fine job at winding it up!

For the Weekend

James is in his busy back-to-school mode for work, having to attend many orientations in the evenings and weekends, tonight and tomorrow being no exception.  We’ll probably lay low around the house.  Maybe we’ll make a run to Goodwill in my search for wool (found 2 cashmere sweaters last week) for re-crafting and Target for random needed items?


One thought on “Week In Review

  1. What a great week! Love the little knit pumpkin! I forgot to tell you that I bought some wool at the fair for stuffing! There was some beautiful yarn there but nothing stood out and said “buy me” but you should have seen how excited I was when I found the carded wool!

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