A Few Random Thoughts for Monday

  • Um, is it October or August?  The weather was strangely, unseasonably cool over the weekend.  I think I even saw a tree or two with leaves changing already.
  • Three kids with a cold, on top of battling the same cold while pregnant is not fun!
  • I thought I was losing my mind when it came to knitting.  It took me a week to work on that itty-bitty pumpkin and lots of discipline to make progress.  And then when the cool front blew in for the weekend, I realized that maybe it was the weather influencing my desire to knit.  I had no problem whatsoever yesterday bringing out the baby cardigan that had been bagged for well over a month and getting to work on it.  Heck at this rate, it could be done by the end of today.
  • Nesting, nesting, nesting!  Must clean, organize, make lists (lots of lists,) knit, sew, and get ready for Christmas.
  • Feeling the garden love as we pick many more tomatoes from our three plants!
  • Annoyed by the neighbor’s dog barking their heads off at 6 this morning, in turn encouraging my dog to bark.
  • Looking forward to the arrival of two boxes this week, both school-related!

3 thoughts on “A Few Random Thoughts for Monday

  1. Oh, goodness, I can’t tell you how many times I fantasized awful things happening to those dogs…or maybe the people that didn’t ever seem to mind their barking at all hours.

    It finally cooled down here for the weekend too…not cool, though. We’ve been having 90+ temps and this weekend it stayed in the 81-ish range with low humidity. It felt like a gift from the gods! 🙂

    Keep knitting and keep nesting! 😉

  2. Hoping to get some watercolor paint, colored pencils, main lesson books, and chalk from ALGF and a few books from Bob & Nancy’s.

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