Something Pink

Pink Cardigan

I finished this little pink baby cardigan last night!  It’s my first attempt at knitting a sweater.  There were five separate pieces to knit and then seam together, a little scary for the first-timer!

I took the time to knit a swatch to measure my gauge and all came out fine until I started working on the sleeves and realized that I would either make the the measured length of the sleeve or the stitch count, but not both.  This caused me a bit of distress and so I hid it away in my knitting bag for at least a month, pondering what to do about it.  Ultimately, I went for a random place in between, which did leave me with longer sleeves, but really, that’s why cuffs can be folded up.

And yes, this little baby sweater is indeed pink.  It’s not pink because we’re having a girl, though who knows, we may be, BUT because I have several friends who are also expecting and I know at least two of them ARE having a baby girl about the same time as my baby arrives.  I wanted to knit in sweet soft baby colors, so I decided to alternate boy/girl projects so I have something for our baby and some things to gift.

Onto a little baby blue yarn for my next project!  Oh, and a sweet pilot’s hat for Izzy in pinks and red.


3 thoughts on “Something Pink

  1. Gorgeous! I’ve not gotten up the courage for sweaters yet…this winter though, after Christmas…I’ve told myself I’ll tackle that challenge.

    I had a dream last night that your baby arrived early (not preemie early…just earlier than I anticipated…) and I was just reading the announcement email when my eyes popped open and I was awake. Darn! I really wanted to read the details first! LOL!

    • James is thinking early too. That why I’m counting down to 37 weeks, October 1, rather than my EDD of the 22nd. All the kids came early, Izzy just after 37 weeks, so there’s a decent chance of this one doing the same.

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