Weekend Work

FarmPick up milk at the Farm.

HS Planning and knittingHomeschool Planning and Knitting – my books came!

Tire?Get tire patched.  Darn screw!

TomatoesCan tomatoes?  We have too many to eat right away, no matter how creative I am in the kitchen, but not really enough to get more than a couple jars of canned tomatoes/sauce.

GrapesPick grapes.  Make grape jelly.

Get new belt for the lawnmower.  Mow.

Fix the pantry door – I broke it.

De-clutter and work on the budget.

Love these guys.IMG_0092 IMG_0098 IMG_0106


One thought on “Weekend Work

  1. Awesome!
    I love seeing those grapevines heavy with fruit!
    Great photo of Iz on the carosel.

    Oh, I meant to ask if you could take a few pix of your Friday visitors and send them to me…if Anna says it’s ok. I haven’t seen R since before her 1st birthday.

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