Dwindling Energy…

but things still need to be done, so I’ve been doing my best.  I have several lists going: birth supplies, meal plans, groceries, household items, clothing needs, chores, homeschooling needs and to-dos…

I’m not checking many things off of all of my lists, but it makes me feel better to have them.

37 weeks is almost here, which means that baby will be coming soon.  How has time flown by so quickly!?  My midwife goes out of town to a conference this weekend and I’m getting the “final” pregnancy adjustment from my doctor on Friday.  Those two things coupled with my husband’s plans for working late on Monday next week has me wondering if this baby will also come in week 37 like Izzy.  Um, I better hurry up and get those darn birth supplies ready and order the After-Ease sooner rather than later!  Oh, and I need to make the white chocolate and raspberry scones too!  It is the BEST post-labor/birth food in the world and goes so well with orange juice (all my babies have been born in the early morning hours.)

I really don’t mind though if the baby would like to stay put a little longer though.  I still have plenty of sewing and knitting to keep me busy.  I finished a little hat, but I think it might be better suited for a doll’s head than a baby.  It might fit a newborn, maybe.  I think I’ll work on a pair of newborn longies and then transition to making winter hats for the crew.

Autumn is my favorite season and today actually felt like Autumn!  There are so many great outdoor activities to do in the Fall and we’ve been doing all we can!  We went to the Hoosier Outdoor Festival this past weekend and had a great time.  We had the chance to canoe, shoot bows and arrows, shoot guns, make gorp and edible camp fires, go horseback riding, hike, go fishing, and several more activities – all for free!

And after a full weekend and a full Monday with playmates and little bit of housework and school, it is time for me to listen to my body and go rest.


Mama Blessing

DSCF9388Good friends, good food

DSCF9423Some henna

DSCF9460And a big ol’ 35+ week pregnant mama!

My dear friends, JoAnn and Katrina, threw me a mama blessing over the weekend.  They decorated my house with beautiful mums, acorns, leaves, silks, and candles for the season.  Friends brought over delicious food to share, most of which also spoke of the Autumn season. We sat in a circle, connecting ourselves with yarn around our wrist and  then JoAnn and Katrina each read a couple of verses/poems that they had chosen.

DSCF9463My friends each chose a bead and strung them together with their prayers, thoughts, and wishes to create a most lovely labor necklace.  We then all enjoyed each other’s company and yummy food while my belly was painted with henna.  I chose the three spiral pattern from a book.  It’s suppose to represent the divine, the earth and the person.

DSCF9453It was simply lovely and I thank everyone who came, sent beads, and sent their thoughts and prayers my way, but most especially JoAnn and Katrina for their thoughtfulness of the the whole event.  It meant the world to me.


DSCF9349Jackson turned 5!!!

DSCF9352He started the day by opening his presents.

DSCF9369Then it was off to Conner Prairie to spend the day (he’s most fascinated with the giant turnips.)

DSCF9383And then back home to pitch the tent in the backyard and build a fire for a camp out.  We couldn’t forget the cake!

Happy 5th Birthday Jackson!

(Ack, I realized that I don’t have little boys anymore!)

A Good Day!

And thank goodness for that because Thursday didn’t exactly go as planned.  The car broke down at the end of the driveway.  Thank goodness it was only the serpentine belt and a bracket that needed replacing and for my handy husband who fixed it!  We didn’t make it to homeschooling co-op, but the kids enjoyed playing in the front yard on a beautiful day and I got in some knitting on the front porch.

Friday brought positive energy our way.  The kids had playmates all day and they went out in the backyard early and only came back in for food.  I had enough opportunity to balance a wee bit of knitting and all of Alex’s lessons between taking care of the little girls.

I made a birthday cake and Alex made some challah for Rosh Hashanah.

DSCF9335And then the mail came and brought all kinds of goodies!  The wooden bears from You’re Inspired (thanks for the link JoAnn) that I ordered for Jackson’s birthday came:DSCF9344My swap package from the Autumn Season’s Round Swap came and we were all completely smitten with it’s contents:

DSCF9326A million thanks Sara!

And then the Sept/Oct. Mothering magazine came with my dear husband’s poem, “Daddy’s Sonnet” published on page 24.  It’s his first paid published piece of many I’m sure!  I’m so very proud!

Alex’s Work

Alex and I are thoroughly enjoying our time together working on lessons.  He’s listening, learning, intrigued, and asking good questions.  He’s even making a few mistakes and is okay with it.  This is big for him!  He’s asking to get to his lessons each and every day and not because he wants some random reward. but because he wants to learn more, paint more, draw more, practice more, and/or write more.

Here’s a sampling of Alex’s work from this week so far:

form drawing grade 2 week 2Form drawing – crossing the midline

He’s really enjoying form drawing and has been practicing it on his own throughout the week.  He came up to me last night out of the blue and drew it on my back.

Michael and the DragonWe began our Creation story with Lucifer being sent to the dark world and then trying to re-enter Heaven with a dragon.  We love the imagery and creativeness of the Jacob Streit stories and I’m so glad that I ordered them at the last minute!  This is Alex’s picture of the event.

Summary of Pre-CreationAnd Alex’s summary.  He’s a great story-teller and loves to summarize the stories and write them out in his MLB.  I tell/read the story (I seriously struggle with memorizing even the shortest of stories and always have the written version close by)  and we’ve been letting it rest for a few hours before coming back to do our picture and/or summary.  He narrates what happened while I write.  We then discuss what the main points are and usually reduce the narration down a little bit so his summaries will fit the page.  He copies what I wrote of his narration into his MLB.

DSCF9315We got this great idea from Our Little Nature Nest, who is using many of the same resources as we are for third grade.  Thank you so much for the inspiration!  Alex adored this activity of making both music and light with all colors of the rainbow all at the same time to illustrate the first day of creation.

DSCF9318After the food color was added to the water.  (Hmm, maybe I could dye some yarn and/or wool after we’re done with this project?)

Wet-on-wet painting of creationAnd lastly, here is Alex wet-on-wet painting of creation up to day 3.  It’s our first effort with this technique and we’re both blown away with the magic of it all.  We started by painting the top two-thirds of the paper with yellow and the bottom on-third with blue.  For the third day of creation, we took the brush and mixed a bit of the blue and yellow on the paper to make green.  We added plant life by introducing a wee bit of red into the green to make brown tree trunks.  We’ll continue adding to this painting for each day of creation.  This idea was from the Live Ed sample page for third-grade.

So what’s left for the week?

Well, I was hoping to go to an apple orchard today to see how a fruit farm works, as well as do a nature study of apples, but time and budget does not permit this week.  Instead, we will look at our pictures from last year’s apple picking adventure and discuss a few things.  We’ll contrast it to the chicken farm that we went to a couple of weeks ago (and re-visti our field trip and pictures from that farm as well from last year.)  We also have homeschooling co-op today, so we’ll spend most of the day with friends learning and playing.

Alex loves codes and languages at the moment and positively lit up when I mentioned the Hebrew alphabet to him earlier in the week.  We will be writing each letter onto a notecard and attempting to pronounce it.  He can’t wait to dive into this project (another Live Ed idea.)

Tomorrow is the start of Rosh Hosannah and we will read a story or two about it before making a couple loaves of challah, one to dip on honey for an afternoon snack and the other for making french toast and/or bread pudding over the weekend.

Co-op Fundraiser

Just in case anyone needs/wants any Pampered Chef products, I’m participating in a fundraiser for my organic food co-op.  I have until Tuesday, September 22nd to turn in orders and they can be shipped, picked up here (great excuse to see new baby 😉 ), or delivered – depending on where you live, of course.  You can check out their products on the website and e-mail me orders.

And just to entice you a wee bit, this month’s special is 20% off their stoneware and metal bakeware.

Third Grade: Week 2 Plans

Week 3 (9/14/09) Our Lady of Sorrows, Rosh Hosannah, Jackson’s Birthday

Circle Time: Apples

  • A September Finger Playby Bertha E. Bush (from Little Acorn Sept. Newsletter)
  • “Apple Tree”(from Little Acorn Sept. Newsletter)
  • Apple Star Story
  • The Sleeping Apple(from Little Acorn Sept. Newsletter)

Main Lesson:

Container Story/Jewish Studies:

  • Monday: Oma arrives, childhood stories, What is the Torah? Intro to Jewish faith
  • Tuesday: Jewish Calendar
  • Wednesday: Farm harvest.  Go to Tuttle’s Orchard and pick apples, learn about orchard farming
  • Friday – Rosh Hashanah, bake challah

And There Was Light – Creation

  • Monday – read “The Worlds’s Beginning” and “Michael and the Dragon”
  • Tuesday – read “The First Day of Creation”
  • Wednesday – read “The Second Day”
  • Thursday – read “The Third Day”

Story of the Bible: The Story of a Beautiful Garden – Genesis 1:1 to 3:24

Secondary Lessons

Social Studies: Childhood stories, Hebrew alphabet

Math: Re-do 2 times clock, review 3 times table (oral counting, oral problems, 3 clock, 3 star)

Nature Study: Apples

Grammar: Nouns – common and proper

Independent Reading: Little House on the Prairie (2-4 chapters)

Handwork: Knit x 2

Form Drawing: Crossing the Midline

Music: Recorder – Review B note, Intro A note

Other: Journal x2 , HWT

RE: Our Lady of Sorrows