Week In Review


Meals for the Week

  • Crab-cakes, Hamburger Helper, ice-cream – hey, we all have different comfort foods, lol!
  • Tacos
  • Chicken-fried chicken, mashed potatoes, peas, dinner rolls, salad (all courtesy of Hilton Homewood Suites – um, free dinner AND breakfast!)
  • Roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese, corn
  • Biscuits and gravy
  • Roasted chicken, stuffing, corn
  • Pizza and movie night

Around the House

Harvesting and preserving was the theme this week!  I finally did something with all those beautiful roma tomatoes from our garden!  I made some basic tomato/spaghetti sauce and froze it.  I got four quart-size freezer bags, so we’re looking forward to experiencing a little garden freshness in the middle of winter.

I picked all the basil leaves from my little plant, a little late in the season, but oh well.  I decided to puree it and freeze it in little cube trays, like you buy in the frozen section of Trader Joe’s, so I can pop out a basil cube whenever needed.  I got nine little cubes after I saved some back for use in the aforementioned sauce.

The kids and I harvested the concord grapes growing on the fence on Wednesday.  They were awesome grape-pickers!  Izzy picked individual grapes off the low parts of the vine, Jackson conquers the bunches and many leaves with scissors down low, and Alex and I worked on the higher parts of the vine together.  We filled the canning pot with our harvest and spent less than an hour in doing so.  Jackson had so much fun that he asked me to send him out everyday to pick grapes.

On Thursday, I cleaned the grapes, de-stemmed them, and began the juicing process.  I had to hang a cheesecloth bundle of all the grapes from the kitchen cabinet to extract any residual juice, more because it’s what I remember my mom and grandparents doing during my childhood than needing every last drop of juice.  We got 3.5 quarts of juice in addition to the 3.5 quarts that my parents gave us from their own grape harvest.  It turns out that they don’t go through jelly at a jar per week like we do and won’t need all of their harvest – what luck for us!


I made a double batch of grape jelly yesterday, but had to stop because I ran out of jars.  No worries though because James came home with more jars, so we have more sticky purple goodness in our future today!

We also had the food dehydrator out on the counter all week as James prepared for his big camping trip in the hills!  He made some beef jerky with Alex’s help and several camping meals that he’ll rehydrate out on the trail.

All other house work took the back-burner and mostly didn’t get done.  Hoping that after the kids and I finish with the jelly, I’ll be able to give the kitchen a good scrubbing – it sure does need it!

Eye Towards Rhythm

Circle time happened in some capacity at least three times this week, my goal was met even with two days spent out of state!  The kids handled the transition from the nursery rhyme book to a short story being told flawlessly!  We still included a few nursery rhyme in circle time, everybody got to pick their favorite.  “The Giant Turnip” was a hit, especially for Jack and Izzy.  I’m leaning towards keeping the theme and story for next week since it’ll be another short week with Labor day.

Alex started in with form drawing, journaling, nature study, and math review this week – in part on his own.

Part of me wishes that I was more organized and that I could keep each activity on a designated day, but then reality sets in and the need for flexibility smacks me up side the head and I’m just grateful for being able to accomplish most of our activities in the week at some point, whether it be on a set day or 8 o’clock at night on a whim.  The same goes for Alex’s topics of study and I’m trying to realize this as a attempt to get my last minute planning done.


I’ve been knitting, making decent progress on the little blue kimono: DSCF9238 Hoping to finish it up this weekend.  I don’t think Alex has picked up his knitting this week but with the long weekend, there’s still time!

Jackson and I made a dog house out of a cardboard box for his stuffed Dog-Dog.  We cut out the arched dog-way and two windows, taped up the flaps to create a roof, and I plan to let him paint it with some poster paint today.  He’s pretty thrilled with it.

On My Mind

Baby – My iron level is low, so I’m back to consuming Floradix at every meal.  Also discovered that the baby is being wee bit rebellious and making itself comfortable in a lopsided-transverse position that’s not so comfortable for me.  Until this week, baby was perfectly happy in a great head-down position with it’s back on my right side like all it’s siblings were.  I’m only 33 weeks along, so plenty of time and space for the baby to reconsider.

For the Weekend

James is on his way to the wilderness and will be camping and hiking for the whole holiday weekend, so it’s just me and the kiddos at home.  We’ll be keeping things pretty low-key, working on making more grape jelly, painting a dog house, knitting, sewing, and maybe a trip to the library and/or park.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “Week In Review

  1. We’re going to use a version of The Giant Turnip next week for circle time. I am going to tell it as The Giant Carrot and then have Theo help me shred loads of carrots for making carrot muffins and carrot cake. 😀

    Missing you guys muchly! Mary

  2. Hello,
    You may already know about this site, but if not, it’s a gem! spinningbabies.com. It will give you loads of useful information about spinning that baby of yours back into a head down position (hopefully anterior as well, but head down would be good!)

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