33 Weeks and a few days

DSCF9262Please don’t ask me if I’m having twins or if  “it’s” any day now.  Most days I can take it for the small talk that it is, smile and not be bothered by it.  I grow beautiful, healthy, strong babies and have wonderful pregnancies and births, after all.  But there are other days that it bothers me more than it should, and I’m having one of those days today.


8 thoughts on “33 Weeks and a few days

  1. You look awesome. And I remember everyone saying all the same things when you were that far along with Izzy.

    Just remember, you don’t gestate as long as people think ‘normal.’ So for you 33 weeks is like everyone else’s 37 weeks. And when looked at that way, you look exactly the way you should.

    And I do understand. Having everyone say the same 2 or 3 things, as if they were the only ones who ever thought to say that, all.day.long. It gets old FAST!

    And I miss you too. 😀

  2. I think you look beautiful … healthy, happy, and just a vision of fertile loveliness!

    (but, I well understand “those days” ….)

    By the way, your glass? Totally adorable!
    Best Wishes,

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