Week In Review


  • Chicken chili cheese and nachos
  • Pad Thai
  • Chicken apple sausage, roasted butter potatoes, salad w/ slice red pear, cucumbers
  • Sesame chicken, rice, chicken shu mai (thank you Trader Joe’s frozen section!)
  • Shepherd’s pie
  • Hamburgers, oven baked fries, baked beans, salad
  • Chicken and dumplings
  • Pizza and movie night

Around the House

Even with the chaos of lessons starting, helping out a little extra at our food co-op, starting homeschooling co-op, and all the other adventures of the week, the house managed to stay maintained and fairly neat!  Yippee!

The kitchen did indeed get a decent scrubbing after all the grape jelly making of last weekend.  The jelly turned out yummy and we’ve been feasting on toast and PB&Js all week!

Also to celebrate all of this lovely cooler weather, I used the last of the frozen pumpkin to make a batch of pumpkin whoopie pies.  Yum!

James has been working on getting the house ready and more efficient for winter.  He installed a digital programable thermostat this week and was a bit surprised at how high the Energy Star setting was for the air conditioning in the summer.  We’ve done well with the higher setting and making due with the box fan and open windows, of course the cooler weather helps significantly too!  He also got some magnetic vent covers and covered the non-living space vents to conserve energy.  Really, does the bathroom or garage need to have a vent?  He’s also planning to seal a few of the windows with loose glass and repair a chip in the concrete at the front door that lets in a crazy amount of outside air even with both doors closed.

An Eye Towards Rhythm

Umm, definitely have a rhythm established around here and it appears to be serving us well!  Circle time is well loved by all, even more so now with the addition of bean bag games.  Alex is practicing his times tables and Jackson is counting.

We broke into full school rhythms this week with main lessons and secondary lessons and all is going well with that.  Alex is enjoying the farming block and will starting Old Testament stories next week.  We had a great first day and then a few plain old regular days with ups and downs, as expected.  We’ll be re-doing some work that wasn’t given the attention it deserved later on today as well as starting a few new things today.  It’s going to be a bit challenging for Alex’s lessons on Friday, but we’ll find a way to make it work.


Alex sat beside me a couple of ties this week to work on his knitting, which I simply adore!  He’s decided that he is still knitting a coaster and will fold it in half and sew it together to make it thicker.  He’s anxious to learn to purl, but insists on finishing the coaster project before being introduced to this new skill.  Smart boy!

I finished knitting the little blue kimono yesterday and need to seam it and add ties today.  Pictures to come.

I’ll be casting on for a hat later on today, not sure if it will be baby size or Izzy size since I’m using a lace-weight yarn instead of sock-weight.  Time will tell.

I dyed some natural wool felt that I had around the house to make a little creation for the Seasons Round Swap.  The package needs to go out on Monday, so I’ll share more next week.

On My Mind

Mostly thinking about my to-do list for various craft projects and the time frame I hope to accomplish such things.  Um, I don’t think I’m being realistic, but admitting that is the first step.

Jackson turns 5 next week, so I’m trying to gather a few things for him and make a few more.  He’s so excited for his big day!

For the Weekend

Going to a mama blessing for a pregnant friend due a few weeks ahead of me.

Might have to set up the tent and fire pit in the backyard this weekend for a little backyard camping.

And Completely Random

Last weekend, our 10-year-old dog finally caught something other than a fly.  He caught a chipmunk on our back patio just feet away from where Jackson and Izzy were playing.  They witnessed the whole affair, as did their mama.  Izzy observed that it didn’t affect her, so kept right on going.  Mama, who is an ex-vegetarian who hasn’t eaten anything with fur for almost 15 years and is loaded full of hormones, was a bit emotional, but took a deep breath and did the strong mama thing.  And Jackson – my dear wild man – said very excitedly, “Now we can eat chipmunk for lunch!”

Have a wonderful weekend my dear friends!


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