Flu Vaccine

I was forwarded this article by Dr. Jay Gordon from my LLL group about the H1N1 vaccine and thought others might enjoy the short read.

We follow the logic that Dr. Gordon presents in the article and take our chances with contracting the actual virus.  We eat fairly well and supplement with cod liver oil and with whatever else I’m feeling that we’re falling short in our current diet.  All of us have healthy immune systems and if we contract H1N1, I have few doubts that we would be miserable and pass it around to each other, but quickly overcome it and have a more diversified immune system from it.  We’ll, of course, be taking precautions to prevent contracting it, like continuing to eat healthfully, getting enough sleep and rest everyday, taking our supplements (adding in a multivitamin, vitamin C, probiotics, and looking into a few others,) and by keeping good hygiene habits.


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